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Emerging Scholars Program

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Welcome to the Dillard University Emerging Scholars Program. This residential summer program is designed to provide an academically stimulating and culturally motivating experience. The goal of the Emerging Scholars Program is to increase the number of students who successfully matriculate through the undergraduate curriculum by enhancing their reading, writing, analytical and critical thinking skills, while heightening their cultural and social readiness. The restructured program not only provides academic support during the six (6) week summer experience, but provides tutoring, academic counseling and mentoring throughout the freshman year and beyond.


Program Goal: Provide opportunities for students to strengthen their academic skills in the areas of critical thinking, English and Mathematics

  • Incorporate programming to improve student academic preparedness through the development of academic success skills
  • Provide programs that assist students in their transition to Dillard University and college life through the development of critical relationships with faculty, staff and peers, as well as through the introduction of a holistic approach to the demands of college life
  • Create a summer experience that is supportive and stimulating academically, socially, and culturally  

Program Dates:  Date Forthcoming


Emerging Scholars Program Admission Deadline:  Date Forthcoming 


Last Day for Payment: Date Forthcoming


Admission Requirements

  • Students who require at least one developmental course prior to enrolling in the fall
  • Completed application, which includes an essay and recommendation letter from a high school guidance counselor or teacher


For more information, contact: Ms. Angelia Lomax, University College

Phone: (504) 816-4918

Office: 101 PSB, Dillard University



2020 Summer Program Costs will be announced early 2020.


Total Cost of Program                
DU Sponsorship                           
Remaining Balance Due June 9  

The remaining balance can be covered via a payment plan or with federal aid which in all cases will be a student loan and for some students the Federal Pell Grant might be awarded. To determine eligibility each student must complete the FAFSA at


Federal financial aid is available for Emerging Scholar students for this summer program. Students must complete TWO federal financial aid applications (FAFSA). One for the 2019-2020 year (ES program) and one for the 2020-2021 year (freshman year). Go to to complete.


Students are responsible for the purchase of their books.




 A rigorous academic program, focusing on communications and quantitative skill building with additional sessions on:

  • Learning Strategies  
  • Critical Thinking & Analysis
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Mentoring

Co-curricular Activities include:

  • Financial Literacy Seminars
  • Business Etiquette Seminar
  • Cultural Outings
  • Off-Campus Career Exploration

Program Organization

  • Incorporation of leadership development strategies
  • Enrollment in two academic courses which once successfully completed will qualify students to enroll in their first level Math, English and/or Science courses
  • Participation in specialized workshops and training focused on academic success strategies (time management, study skills, money management, etc.), transition topics (personal management, relationships, etc.), to support their transition into college
  • Exploration of academic majors and careers



In addition to lecture examinations, quizzes and rubrics designed to evaluate specific assignments, standardized examinations will be used as pre and post program assessments.

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