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Watch above video to learn more about the Dillard University Film Camp.


The Film Boot Camp will provide the basic skills training to individuals in key positions on the set of a film production.  The training will allow the individual to transition into the workforce as an Advanced Production Assistant in a range of departments as well as know how to produce feature films.


The Filmmaking Boot Camp is an intense course that takes students through the entire filmmaking process in four weeks by learning how to produce a film and make a film.  The Boot Camp is split into two concurrent cohorts: Film Producing Camp and Film Production Camp. 


The cohort in the Film Producing Camp allows them to learn how to organize, budget, problem solve and communicate like a film producer. The Film Production Cohort will learn all the hands-on skills that go into making a film. They will work as crew in the various positions on set, providing each student the opportunity to work as Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Assistant Camera Operator, Script Supervisor, Sound  Recordist, Grip and  Production Assistant. Students will earn hands-on how to operate the cameras they will be using on the shoot learn the basics of film language, camera placement, and shot construction.


Each cohort is supervised by an accomplished  producer and filmmaker who helps guide the entire crew to ensure a successful day of shooting. Depending on the cohort, additional other skills include:


- All production paperwork
- Production terminology
- Set protocol, i.e., "do's and don'ts"
- How the A.D. team functions
- How all  crew departments function and interact

- How to anticipate the needs of your production
- Gear and supplies
- The Office P.A. (Distribution, Sides, Script Revisions)
- Lock-Ups, Call Outs, Daily & Nightly duties
- Film and TV versus commercials/videos/low budget P.A.
- Preparing your resume
- Where to find production jobs and navigating an industry career path



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