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Graduates Perkins and Nursing Loan Exit Information

If during your enrollment at Dillard University, you received a Federal Perkins or Nursing Loan, you must complete the On-Line Exit Interview with Heartland Educational Computer System, Inc., also known as ECSI.  It is a federal requirement for all students who have borrowed through the Federal Perkins and/or Nursing Loan Program to complete exit counseling.


The purpose of the exit interview is to inform you of your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.  Also, it summarizes the information contained in your promissory note.  Make sure that you read all of the information because you will be given a complete explanation of repayment, deferment and cancellation privileges. Reminder:  There will be a hold on all educational records (i.e., diploma, transcripts, etc.) until the exit interview has been completed.


To complete the On-Line Exit Interview via

First, you will receive an email from ECSI.  Next, you must have your login and password in order to move forward with the exit interview.

  • Click on ECSI and Go to “Students and Borrowers”
  • Click on “Manage Your Student Loan Account”
  • Log into access your account, you will need:

The School Code………….6E

Your Account Number which is your Social Security Number

Your Pin or Password

Call 1 (888) 549-3274 if you do not know your pin or password

  • Click on Unsigned Exit Interview (It is under the e-signature menu on the right hand side of the page) and begin the process and make sure you complete the process.

Last of all, be sure to take the time to update your mailing address.

Any questions, please contact the Federal Perkins/Nursing Loan Coordinator.

Mrs. Rhonda Creighton

Phone (504) 816-4601















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