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DU Library Archivist, John Kennedy, on Fair Dillard's

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Click Here to View Our Dillard University 150 Years Anniversary Exhibit in the DU Library 1869-2019




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Rising Above the Effects of Hurricane Katrina




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Photo: The Henson Artifacts are the snowshoes, parka and sealskin boots

worn by Matthew Henson on his voyage to the North Pole in 1909. 



Matthew Alexander Henson (August 8, 1866 – March 9, 1955) was the first African-American Arctic explorer, an associate of Robert Peary on seven voyages over a period of nearly 23 years. They made six voyages and spent a total of 18 years in expeditions. Henson served as a navigator and craftsman, traded with Inuit and learned their language, and was known as Peary's "first man" for these arduous travels.




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The mission of the Archives and Special Collections is to support the University in all endeavors of producing a quality educational experience. As the repository for primary documents and artifacts of enduring value to the University, we are to preserve and protect all materials under the archives care and supervision. We are to provide regulated and efficient access to materials for the University community and researchers. To that end, we:

  • Select, purchase, organize and maintain a quality archive and special collections
  • Anticipate information needs in an increasingly global society
  • Build and develop collections and provide access to information resources in support of teaching, research and services
  • Ensure the long-term preservation, availability, and access to these resources
  • Provide physical environments conducive for study, research, and inquiry
  • Encourage, develop, and sustain in its staff the requisite knowledge, skills, commitment and innovative spirit



  • ALL patrons requesting service MUST provide institutional or state ID. Failure to provide proper identification will result in denial of archival access.
  • The use of ink pens or markers is prohibited. A pencil can be provided.
  • No food or drinks allowed unless properly sealed. Eating, drinking, and gum chewing are prohibited.
  • Researchers may be required to wear gloves at the archivist's discretion.
  • Photography is prohibited without permission from the archivist.




Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

***Closed weekends and holidays***


The Archives are available by appointment. It is recommended that visitors call or email for an appointment.







Mr. John Kennedy, Archives and Special Collections Assistant

Phone: (504) 816-4960

Main Desk: (504) 816-4786





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Pygmy’s head 1963 (African mahogany) 



african statue




Carved in one piece from a mahogany tree felled in Kinshasa, Zaire (formerly called Leopoldville, Congo) in West Africa. The sculptor (nicknamed “the Frog,” because he moves around by sliding on his hindquarters due to his under-developed legs) along with the male members of his immediate family, hacked out this superb carving of a pygmy’s head, face, and neck using only their native axes, crude chisels, machetes, and hand-made knives.  All finishing was done without sandpaper, paid stain, varnish or shellac. Select stones serve as abrasives and the only polish used was a can of brown shoe polish. It was carved in 1963. Most of the carving and finishing work was done in a quarter of Kinshasa named Cite Sector.




Donated to the Dillard University Library by:  Preston and Rosa Edwards


December 2017






Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook, Dillard University President 1974-1997

Founders' Day Exhibit in the Dillard University Library

October 22, 2017 



Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook led Dillard University for 23 years. Within those years, Dr. Cook exemplified a nurturing spirit that sought to help Dillard University's students excel in academic excellence and appreciation for culture. More information about Dr. Cook can be found @:




dr.cook1          dr.cook3           dr.cook2





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In honor of the Dillard University Golden Graduates of 1968, our Archivist, Mr. John Kennedy, created these awesome panels of pictures! Please visit the DU Alumni House to view the panels in person! 











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the history makers




By recording, preserving and sharing the life stories of thousands of African Americans, from President Barack Obama to the oldest living black cowboy, The HistoryMakers is a leader in helping to educate and enlighten millions worldwide through refashioning a more inclusive record of American history.



 SLA Academic Logo


Special Collections LibGuides: An Analysis of Uses and Accessibility

Jacquelyn Slater Reese, Cheryl McCain



Content management systems (CMS) such as SpringShare’s LibGuides have become a popular method of creating online pathfinders or subject guides. At the same time, special collections have explored new digital ways to reach their users. Ease of access and simple navigation are key to reaching all types of users. Special collections have explored different ways to use a traditional subject guide system to meet their unique needs. This article investigates the navigation pathway to special collections LibGuides at Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) member institutions and analyzes the different ways special collections are using this tool.


special collections; LibGuides; outreach; online guides; accessibility






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Cost per image. One-time publication rights.


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Advertisement Non-profit $50 plus image cost

For-profit $125 plus image cost


Editorial use includes use within books, periodicals, video production, and other published works, including those in electronic format.


Advertising use and other non-editorial uses, includes such uses as on book covers, posters, and brochures. Publication on the Internet or on Local Area Networks (LANs) lacking copy protection is under NO circumstances, permitted.




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