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The Award Process


For new Principal Investigators, the process of seeking external funding can be a little cumbersome. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) staff can assist you in process of achieving success in proposal submission through award close-out.  Outlined below are an overview guide you through identifying funding to closeout.  


Step 1- Find Funding

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will send send out monthly funding opportunity notifications matched to your research interests. You may also subscribe to the following grant funding web portals:






•    Post Award Meeting
•    Acct Setup
•    Internal / External Budget Transfers / Mods / Revisions
•    Financial Compliance
•    Record Keeping /Retention
•    No Cost Extensions
•    Programmatic / Financial Reporting

The award document identifies the due dates of such reports. The ORSP typically can answer questions about the format of progress reports. The progress report is usually required before the agency will award subsequent year funding.

Award documents typically identify due dates of reports, usually 30 to 90 days after the termination date of the project. The ORSP can answer questions about the format of final reports. In some cases the agency provides a special document.




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