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Martial Arts Sparring

Tulane University vs. Dillard University in Point Sparring Match


Sparring comes in several varieties. The two main types of sparring that are prevalent in competition are: Point Style and Olympic Style. Point Style is the version Ultimate Tae Kwon Do teaches in regular classes. However, due to the popularity of the Olympic Style in regional, national and international competitions, Ultimate Tae Kwon Do works with students individually that have an interest in this style of sparring.


Point Style -- This style of sparring emphasizes control.  Kicks, punches and blocks are used to attack and defend against an opponent with light to no contact between the two.  Points are scored in a competition by one opponent placing a kick or punch to a legal target area unblocked by the other opponent.  Kicks and punches are quick and powerful but control is used to stop the contact just prior actual contact.  Points are awarded based on the type of technique used (hand or foot) and where the technique lands on the opponent.


Points can be scored to the following areas:  Head that is covered by the protective head gear (no face or neck contact allowed), Front torso from just under the arm-pit, down the side to above the belt (no contact is allowed to the back or below belt).

Protective gear: Foam dipped head gear (no open tops), foam dipped hand pads, cloth or foam dipped shin pads, foam dipped foot pads, mouth guard, groin protector and some competitions require chest protectors.


Olympic Style -- This style of sparring is the type you actually see in the Olympics.  Competitors score points by administering kicks and punches that cause the opponent to be displaced (body moves).  This style emphasizes power.  Control is necessary to make sure illegal targets are not struck to avoid injury to those areas.  

Points can be scored to the following areas:  Head that is not covered by the head gear - only face contact allowed to head.  The other areas are the same as point sparring.  The difference is the techniques allowed and this varies from tournament to tournament.



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