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Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules as follows:



  • 1 point for punches and 2 points for kicks to body. Punch or back fist to the head 1 point.
  • 3 points for kicks to the head. No face contact!!!!
  • All belts below black belt light to medium contact. No contact below the belt, Back, or in the face.
  • Black Belts fight Medium to full contact. NO KNOCK OUTS!!!
  • Students must have full gear includes; Head Gear, Mouth Piece, Hand Guards, and Foot guards.
  • Shin Guards are optional. Referees must inspect all Gear before match starts!!!!
  • We will discuss rules in the Black belt meeting before the start of the Tournament.
  • All matches will be 2 minutes long. First to 6 points wins! whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins!!!




Traditional and Non-Traditional forms will be accepted. Music for forms will be allowed!

Forms are graded on the following scale:


Beginners 7.0-7.9
Intermediate 8.0-8.9
Advanced 9.0-9.9





Same grading scale as Empty Hands Forms rules. Make sure Judges inspect all weapons

before students compete! SAFETY IS A PRIORITY!!!




Same rules as Empty Hand Forms Grading Scale. Competitors are limited to 4 demonstrations per match

Any color uniforms are accepted!



  • Adult Ring are 20’ x 20’.
  • Black Belts will be asked to help judge in the Tournament.
  • The Arbitrator will have the final say in any disputes that may arise.
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