• Office of Student Support Services
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    Office of Student Support Services

    Student Support Services (SSS) welcomes you to Dillard University. We look forward to assisting you in a successful academic year. We are dedicated to student success!


    Dillard University's Student Success Services is a federally funded program and has received continuous funding through the Department of Education since 1976. The overall goal of the program is to instill confidence in our students by providing academic support, counseling, and various workshops to promote student success.




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    Upward Bound has worked with local high schools to develop the academic leadership potential of students who are interested in pursuing a four year degree.

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    8th Grade Initiative

    is a free college preparation program designed to encourage students to successfully matriculate through middle/high school and enroll in college.

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    Talent Search

    Educational Talent Search Program is a pre-collegiate program developed to increase the graduation rates of potential first-generation college students.


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    Keys to Success

    They are motivated, academic achievers, and they are parents. Finding the right balance between a demanding degree program and a full range of real-life responsibilities is never easy, especially when those real-life responsibilities include raising a child or children. As a result, Dillard University with the Division of Student Success is introducing Keys to Success Single Parent Residential Program.

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