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Dillard Garners National Rankings and Enrollment Continues to Grow

Written by L. Kasimu Harris

Written by L. Kasimu Harris

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Dillard University continues to experience an uptick in enrollment and in college rankings for national publications. Recently, the University climbed into the Washington Monthly’s top 20 percent of National Liberal Art Universities and in the Top 15 for U.S. News’ Best HBCUs.

“The Washington Monthly ranking is by far the best indicator of the value of the Dillard experience, because it doesn’t simply reward institutions for serving the most privileged students, “ said Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough, president of Dillard University, adding that the ranking factors in social mobility, research and service.


This year, Dillard ranks number 49 out of 240 National Liberal Arts Universities - top 20 percent - and is the second highest rated HBCU on the list, outpacing Spelman (64), Fisk (77), Claflin (169) Bethune-Cookman (201), and Morehouse (202). For Dillard, this marks a 26 spot improvement from the number 75 ranking in 2016. The previous Washington Monthly high was a number 59 ranking in 2012.



On their “Best Bank for the Buck 2017-- South,” the University ranks number 29 out of 199, also number 2 for HBCUs behind Tougaloo. Since 2005, the Washington Monthly has released an annual College Guide and rankings, where they rate schools based on what they are doing for the country.


In the U.S. News Best HBCUs list, Dillard has moved up one spot to number 11. U.S. News ranked 80 HBCUs that are undergraduate baccalaureate-granting institutions, enrolling primarily first-year, first-time students and were included in the 2018 Best Colleges rankings.


The numbers for fall 2017 enrollment signals the trend for larger freshman classes at Dillard continues to rise. Last year, the entering freshman class was 104 and this year it topped out at 125. Gains were made at all academic classifications, bringing the current total enrollment to 1,291 - the second highest enrollment since Hurricane Katrina. In 2016, the figure was 1,261.


The Division of Enrollment Management expects this trend to continue, with applications for fall 2018 enrollment up 21 percent from the first week of September 2016. “Our application growth is remarkable given the size of our recruitment staff,” said David Page, vice president for Enrollment Management. “The team has worked really hard at application follow-up and also increased our presence with students via social media and other non-conventional forms of communication. It is our attempt to meet them where they are.”  


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