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NEW ORLEANS— Dillard University is announcing the renaming of its School of Public Health to the School of Health and Wellness.  The University will formally unveil the new name on September 5, 2019, at 11:00 a.m. in Professional Schools Building Room 131/135 on the Gentilly campus. The community is invited to attend the commemoration to learn more about the future of Public Health at Dillard.

The School of Health and Wellness aligns with Dillard’s mission statement that promises to produce graduates who excel, become world leaders, are broadly educated, culturally aware, and concerned with improving the human condition. “The decision to change a School/academic unit name is not one we took lightly, but this name change poises us to begin the  Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accreditation process and best describes who we are becoming,” Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Yolanda Page said in a statement. 

The name change went into effect on August 1, 2019, and was a historical modification for the University to expand its academic offerings for students interested in health and wellness professions. “Over the past few years, we have undergone a re-imaging of [the]  Public Health program here at Dillard,” Dr. Melvena Wilson, Chair of the School of Health and Wellness shared. “As one of the oldest undergraduate programs, we are undergoing an accreditation process and will continue to prepare students to serve in the health professions of tomorrow.” 

Under CEPH the accreditation guidelines, Dillard will be applying for a standalone baccalaureate programs (SBP) accreditation from the CEPH. Institutions that are SBP accredited are free to have multiple Bachelor degree offerings whereas colleges/universities that have public health schools are required to have three types of degree offerings: Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral. 

A CEPH-accreditation degree means a University has completed a multi-level review and meets the nationally-agreed-upon standards developed by public health scholars and practitioners.

WHO: Dillard University 

WHAT: Dillard University’s Health and Wellness Naming Ceremony Unveiling 

WHEN: September 5, 2019

WHERE: Dillard University’s Professional Schools Building, 2601 Gentilly Boulevard. New Orleans, LA 70122

For more information about the Health and Wellness Program, please contact Dr. Melvena Wilson, Assistant Professor/Chair, School of  Health and Wellness/ Coordinator of the Public Health Program ( 


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