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Fire Damages the DUALS

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NEW ORLEANS, La., (July 18) – A fire damaged about five apartments in a 100-unit, unoccupied apartment building just off Dillard University’s campus on Monday, fire officials said. No one was injured.

Known as the ‘DUALS,’ the apartments have been empty since 2013 and are boarded up, but continue to have electricity for lighting and safety, said Dillard Operations Director Randy Yeager. At one time, the complex on Norman Mayer Avenue and Senate Street housed as many as 85 Dillard students.

Roof of the DUALS Apartments

New Orleans Fire Department Capt. Nathel Morgan said someone reported smoke coming from the windows at about 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon. The fire was contained within an hour and about five units received fire, smoke and water damage, she said. Fire investigators have not determined the cause of the fire.

Dillard University has been in discussions recently about renovating the DUALS, as increased demand for student housing required about 70 students be housed on Southern University’s campus last academic year. No plans have been finalized.

The building will be secured again in the coming days.


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