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What are the career opportunities in public health, and what salary ranges can I expect after graduation?

While there are dozens of specialties in public health, most career opportunities are found in the following fields. The salary ranges, as follows, are the actual salaries earned (adjusted for inflation using the national CPI - Bureau of Labor Statistics) within one year of graduation as reported by the most recent nationwide survey of graduates conducted by ASPH:

Health Services Administration
$37,050 - $161,400

$33,000 - $63,000

$38,175 - $136,237

Health Education/Behavioral Science
$33,000 - $86,625

Environmental Health
$44,550 - $143,700

International Health
$31,500 - $86,625

$31,500 - $70,875

Public Health Practice/Program Management
$41,175 - $102,000

Biomedical Laboratory
$31,500 - $78,750

Where do public health professionals work?

Public health professionals work in both the public and private sectors. Many public health graduates find work in the public sector in local, state, or federal health departments. The jobs available at health departments range from Food Safety Inspectors and Health Educators, to Policy Analysts and Epidemiologists. Other public health professionals find work in university systems as researchers.

Those interested in working for a non-profit organization can find jobs in health advocacy, policy, or research for organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the Red Cross, or a local non-profit that focuses on area-specific health issues.

Still other public health professionals find work in the private sector, working in randomized control trials for pharmaceutical companies or for health insurance companies.

What kind of job title can I expect after graduating with a degree in public health?

Job titles, position descriptions, and salary ranges for recent public health graduates vary greatly based on courses of study and interests. Some sample career titles taken from in September 2005 are listed below:

• Public Health Management Analyst

• Director of Programs and Services

• Health Communications Specialist

• Research Scientist

• Environmental Health Intelligence Analyst

• Manager, Breastfeeding Initiatives

(Sources: the Association of Schools of Public Health,,


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