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The Office of the University Chaplain, located in Lawless Chapel, provides University-wide coordination for religious life at Dillard. When the University is in session, worship is offered on the Sunday evenings at 6pm. in the Chapel. Campus organizations are encouraged to support the service by beginning their special weeks in the Chapel by “sponsoring” the service and participating and leading the worship service with announcements of their events for that week. The VisionQuest Chorale [hyperlink for Chorale & Dancers] is the primary source of musical support for the Chapel. The VisionQuest Dancers dance at a frequency of about twice per month.

Religion and spiritual growth is taken seriously at Dillard. Consequently, one of the roles of the Chaplain is to offer prayer at events and help elected student chaplains and other students polish their skills in doing so well. Toward this end, the Chaplain coordinates the Council of Chaplains. All on-campus chaplains, including those who represent classes, dorm halls, and Greek letter organizations, are members.

Spiritual guidance and conversation is offered by the University Chaplain. Students and others who would like to strengthen their walk, or speak confidentially about changes or questions they may be experiencing in their lives are welcome to stop in. The Chaplain also provides substantial support for the VisionQuest program.

Chapel Assistants

VisionQuest and Lawless Chapel Ministry is always seeking Chapel Assistants and other volunteers to help out with the ministry. Chapel Assistants help and prepare for Chapel services and other Chapel events. If you are a Dillard student with a heart to serve God, you can be a Chapel Assistant! For any inquiries stop by the Office of the University Chaplain or call 504-816-4791.


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