Undergraduate Research Competition and Algebra Relay - 2012 Dillard University

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Algebra team IMG 0022On Wednesday, April 5, 2012 a group of Dillard University students got together to compete for awards and bragging rights in the 2012 Algebra Relay. This college math event is comprised of teams of students who pass problems between them like a baton in a relay race, each time answering a certain question involving a mathematics problem in a specified amount of time. Each team is comprised of five students and a faculty mentor who will work toward the solution to five problems.

Being able to explore a topic independently or in a group and to communicate what is learned is a vital skill for anyone pursuing a career in any field of endeavor. The Algebra Relay offers Dillard students in every major an opportunity, under the mentorship of a faculty member, to participate in a creative interdisciplinary manner in a public forum. Student participants demonstrate creative, critical thinking abilities, and analytical problem-solving skills.  The Algebra Relay is a collaborative between the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Department of Mathematics.

Here are the 2012 winners:

Problem 1: 1st Place, Lyndon Catalan, Physics, Frosh; 2nd Place, Donique Thorpe, Biology, Jr.; 3rd Place, Takunda Jura, Computer Science, Soph

Problem 2: 1st Place, Stephen Igwi, Biology;  2nd Place, Sha’Kayla Nunez, Chemistry, Frosh; 3rd Place, Quinesha Turner, Biology, Soph

Problem 3: 1st Place, Brandon Sledge, Mass Communications, Soph;  2nd Place, Ava Davis, Public Health, Fro;  3rd Place, Joshua Daye, Biology, Sr.

Problem 4:  1st Place, Enzinnie Eziyi, Economics & Finance, Jr.;  2nd Place, Ja’Nesha Holmes, Chemistry, Soph;  3rd Place, Jonathan Guidry, Computer Science, Soph

Problem 5: 1st Place, Curvelle Lewis, Biology, Sr.;  2nd Place, Treshon Tipton, Mathematics, Frosh;  3rd Place, Victor Ogburie, Physics Computer Sci, Jr.

Team Winners (Certificate and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Ribbons)

1st Place: Donique Thorpe, Biology, Jr Stephen Igwi, Biology, Joshua Daye, Biology, Sr. Zinne Eziyi, Economics & Finance, Jr. Curvelle Lewis, Biology, Sr.

2nd Place: Jasmine Sneed, Public Health, Soph Quinesha Turner, Biology, Soph Brandon Sledge, Mass Communications, Soph Jonathan Guidry, Computer Science, Soph Jarin Morgan, Computer Science, Soph

3rd Place: Lyndon Catalan, Jr., Physics, Fresh Ja’Mesha Holmes, Chemistry, Soph Ava Davis, Public Health, Frosh Sha’Kayla Nunez, Chemistry, Frosh Treshan Tipton, Mathematics, Frosh

Honorable Mention: Raffel Gordon, Computer Information Systems, Jr.; Takunda Jora, Computer Science, Soph.; Victor Ogburie, Physics/Computer Science, Jr.; Emole Anya Dimgba, Physics, Computer Science, Jr.; Christian Ramsom, Computer Science, Frosh

IMG_0088The competitive playing field continued through the next day with the 2012 Undergraduate Research Competition. Students in all disciplines, who engage in research and creative endeavors under faculty supervision, were eligible to participate in the 2012 Research and Creative Work Competition. Students were directly and substantively involved in the various aspects of the research or creative activity, especially in the conception and execution of the project. At least one faculty mentor was directly involved in supervision or the project. Students displayed and explained the results of their work and competed for monetary awards in three categories: Qualitative, Quantitative, or Creative Work.

From robotics, to public health crises and world political problems, students presented issues that were of significance and timely, along with the research they did on these specific topics. Live demonstrations, lively debates and plenty of explanations were shared amongst students, faculty, staff and judges.

Additionally, representatives from 18 federal agencies were on hand to discuss research internships, the federal research agenda and careers in research with students and prospective employees.

Here are the winners for the 2012 Undergraduate Research Competition:


1st Place: LEGO Forklift Robot Investigators(s) : Emole Anya Dimgba, Junior, STEM, Physics/Computer Science Victor Ogburie, Junior, Physics/Computer Science Eric Roberson, Sophomore, STEM, Computer Science Raffel Gordon, Junior, STEM, Computer Science Marcel Williams, Senior, STEM, Computer Science Faculty Mentor(s): Ming-Hsing Chiu, PhD and Linda Louis, PhD, STEM, Computer Science

2nd Place: How Space Weather Affects the Earth Investigator(s): Charne’ Thomas, Junior, STEM, Biology Pavla Ohbeyien, Junior, STEM, Biology Faculty Mentor(s): Bernard Singleton, DVM, MS, STEM, Biology

3rd Place: Robotics - Fly Trap Investigator(s): Christian Ramson, Freshman, STEM, Computer Science Takunda Jora, Sophomore, STEM, Computer Science Brandon Mathieu, Senior, STEM, Computer Science Gary Tuckers, Senior, STEM, Computer Science Faculty Mentor(s): Ming-Hsing Chiu, PhD and Linda Louis, PhD STEM, Computer Science


1st Place: Determining the Status of Indoor Airborne Microbial Organisms in the Gentilly Area Six Years Post Hurricane Katrina Investigator(s): Curvelle Lewis, Senior, STEM, Biology Breanna Ryan, Sophomore, STEM, Biology Faculty Mentor(s): Bernard Singleton, DVM, MS, STEM, Biology

2nd Place: Unite States Foreign Policy: Syria and Egypt Investigator(s): Juan Serrano, Senior, Political Science Faculty Mentor(s): Nchor Okorn, PhD, Political Science

3rd Place: Antimicrobial Activity of Beet Extract on Fecal Bacteria Investigator(s): Joshua Daye, Senior, STEM, Biology Donique Thorpe, Junior, STEM, Biology Faculty Mentor(s): Bernard Singleton, PhD, Political Science


1st Place: Assessing the Genotoxicity of the British Petroleum Oil Spill due to Weathering in the Air and Water at Impact of Louisiana Shorelines Investigator(s): Nichole Lathan, Junior, STEM Chemistry Jasmine Scott, Senior, STEM, Biology Faculty Mentor(s): Bernard Singleton, DVM, MS, STEM, Biology

2nd Place: Food Insecurity and Chronic Kidney Disease: The Healthy Aging in Neighborhoods of Diversity Across the Lifespan (HANDLS) Study Investigator(s): Alexandria Broadnax, Junior, STEM Biology Faculty Mentor(s): Eric Buckles, PhD, STEM, Biology

3rd Place: Pulsed Lasers Deposition of epital BaTEO3 Thin Films Investigators(s): Michael Sagapoletela, Junior, STEM, Physics Faculty Mentor(s): Abdalla Darwish, PhD, STEM, Physics