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Q: So, when exactly is the symposium?

A: The symposium starts with the welcome dinner at 7 p.m. Sunday, September 28 and concludes with the farewell dinner at 7 p.m. Sunday, October 5. The schedule is available for download at the bottom of Symposium Schedule.

Q: I don’t think I can attend the entire symposium. When should I be there?

A: We encourage those who can’t attend the entire symposium to try to arrive Thursday evening, Oct. 2, and plan to leave Monday morning, Oct. 6. However, any time you are able to come is fine. Just let us know!

Q: What is the “symposium fee”? Do I need to pay extra for hotel, food, or admissions to events?

A: The “symposium fee” covers hotel, food, and admission prices for any events, like the IMAX movie or a tour. If you say you’re coming to the symposium during the time of the event, you’re covered. If you’ll be at the symposium but choose not to attend a particular activity, we need to notify the DU planners, but the symp fee will not change.

No matter what grant you apply for, you’ll have to pay the symposium fee. That can be paid either by check at the symposium, or if you get a grant, it’ll be deducted from your reimbursements.

The fee is $150 for attendance of four or more days. The fee is $75 if you attend for fewer than four days/nights.

Q: I’d like to bring a guest. What needs to happen?

A: We´re in the process of figuring expenses for guests. Your guest will not pay the symp fee, but will pay the costs for each day and accommodation. We need to be sure we have enough room for all MF members. Then we will know how many guests can attend. We’ll post details as they are known. It would be ideal to let Patty know that you are considering bringing a guest. Write her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Check out the MF Symp Guest Policy at: Symposium_Family_and_Guest_Policy_Final_7_29_08.pdf

Q: I’d like to apply for a North American Fast Track grant. What activity/task do you recommend I do?

A: Our #1 need is for people with particular experiences to host a session/table at our SF/JF mentoring event. You can develop a presentation/information on your profession, a hobby you’re particularly knowledgeable about, or a recent excursion that may be of interest to others. If you’d rather not do this, contact us for other options. Because of the EIG’s, some tasks (otherwise listed here: Possible_ways_of_contributing_to_the_Symposium_2008_v2_0.doc) have already been assigned.

Q: I’d like some clarification on the differences between the EIG and Fast Track grants.

A: Sometimes these “official” explanations can be confusing.

Requirements for both:

1. Contribute meaningfully to the bonding of cultures (whatever you do must interest or include at least two cultures of the MF).

2. During the activity, you must do at least one or both of the following:

- Actively design or prepare the session/activity;

- Develop new skills related to global issues;

(this isn’t reflected in the language of the grants, but there’s lots besides workshop stuff that will qualify… see Possible_ways_of_contributing_to_the_Symposium_2008_v2_0.doc for ideas of what you can help with… feel free to come up with your own!!)

3. In relation to being familiar with the granting policy, you need to understand that you will use the funds responsibly and for the purpose intended, that you’ll provide proof of completing what you said you would, and that you’ll provide receipts in a timely manner.

Differences between the two:


Application due by August 15

Larger reimbursement rate in exchange for larger contribution.

Cost will be [amount as shown in “benchmarks for symposium travel] minus 10% of your expected travel expenses. So, expect to pay about 10% of your expenses plus the symposium fee.

Fast Track

Applications due by August 22

Smaller reimbursement rate in exchange for a lesser contribution.

Cost will be [amount as shown in “benchmarks for symposium travel] minus 30% of your expected travel expenses. So, plan to pay 30% of your travel expenses plus the symposium fee.

Chances of being awarded a Fast Track grant are much greater than getting an EIG.

For either the EIG or the Fast Track, you will need to let me know ahead of time what you’d be willing to do, both in a personal message and in the application. The item can be from the suggestion list that we provided at the website, or you can propose your own activity. Frankly, we’re pretty heavy with the workshop/session type stuff. But, there will be something of a career fair thing and SF/JF mentoring session that you can prepare for.

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