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Professor of Chemistry
Major-Specialty:    Organic Chemistry
Office Locale:    Stern Hall 216
Office Telephone:    504-816-4489
Email Address(es):    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Courses Taught: (all CHE xxx unless otherwise noted)   
Organic Chemistry Lecture and Lab (211,212)
Chemistry Seminar (410,411)
Chemistry Research (405)
Advanced Organic Chemistry (425)

Research Interest:
Insitu field and laboratory Phytoremediation of organic and inorganic pollutants in water and soil; Uptake, transport, sequestration, and transformation of pollutants in plants; Bio-availability of these pollutants in soil matrix.

Computational Quantum mechanics studies of silicon directed reactions with respect to epoxide ring openings, nucleophilic substitution reactions, and Peterson olefination reactions

Antioxidant ability of edible plants

Teaching Interest:
Advance Organic Chemistry: Structure-reactivity, synthesis &, reaction mechanisms of functional group transformations, stereochemistry, structural elucidation of organic unknowns using Spectroscopic techniques and functional group classification tests.

University Services:
Department Chairman (2005 - Present)
Tenure and Promotion Committee member
Graduate and Professional School Committee member
HBCUUP Internal Advisory Committee; Dillard University, 2005-Present
HBCUUP Research Task Force; Dillard University, 2004-Present

Professional Affiliations:
American Chemical Society (ACS) & Organization of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)

Selected Presentations:
Lovell Agwaramgbo*, D. Wilson, J. Hamilton, J. Hopkins,  A. Hawkins, and B. White; Lead Mobility and Bioavailability in Three Louisiana Soils:  Implications on its Bio-accumulation in Edible Plants & Health Risks; Race, Place, & The Environment, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice Conference, New Orleans, May 2008
Lovell Agwaramgbo*, Jerrard Smith-Hopkins, Adriana Hawkins, and Deneyelle Wilson; Re-examination of Lead and Arsenic Contamination in New Orleans Parish School Soils; American Chemical Society, Conference, New Orleans, Chemical and Engineering News, American Chemical Society, CHED-TECH 33; March 17, 2008

Selected Awards:  
Extra Mile Award

Selected Publications:
R. Guy Riefler, Victor F. Medina, Steve L. Larson, and Lovell Agwaramgbo; Fate of RDX & TNT in Decaying Plant; J. Environmental Science, Submitted 2008

Medina, V.F., S.L. Larson, L. Agwaramgbo, and W Perez, and Lynn Escalon; Treatment of Trinitrotoluene by Crude Plant extracts; Chemosphere, 55(5):725-732, 2004.

Lovell Agwaramgbo, etal; Those Edible, Edible oils, More Fries Please, Ions in the Delta, Lights Out, and Freezing Point Depression; MainSTey Activity Workbook,: A Calculator Based Approach to Discovery Learning; LAMP,  Baton Rouge, LA  ISBN No. 0-9704609-1-0, 2003

Lovell Agwaramgbo; Evaluation of the Fate of RDX in soils and plants:  Uptake, transport, accumulation, degradation, and release by plants and  Fate of RDX in decaying RDX Contaminated plants; US Army Research Office, Contract # DAAD19-02-D-0001 and Battelle Scientific Services  TCN 03-123

Selected Grants:
Louisiana Board of Reagents Grant: Integrating Environmental Chemistry into Chemistry Curriculum, Phase II, 2007-2009; $59,890

P.I. Dillard University, Louisiana Board of Reagents Grant: Integrating Environmental Chemistry into Chemistry Curriculum, Phase I, 2004-2005; $25,000

P.I. Dillard University Title III project “Strengthening the Foundation of Success in MCAT/PCAT/DAT Exams, 2008-2009; $54,800


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