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When is SOAR?

Saturday, August 17

Friday, August 23 

What does SOAR mean?

Student Orientation, Advising and Registration

How much is SOAR and do I have to pay the $325] out-of-pocket?

No, this fee is assessed to your student account.

Do I have to attend the entire week?

Yes, all sessions are mandatory unless otherwise stated.

When do I move into my residence hall?

Move-in day is Saturday, August 17th.

What is the attire for the week?

Casual dress is appropriate.

Business & Finance:

Where can I see my account detail online?
  and Select my DU Campus web

What forms of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards, checks, money orders or cash.  

Can I make a payment over the phone?
No, we do not accept payments over the phone.  

Do you accept post-dated checks?
No, the law requires us to process and deposit checks within one business day.

How can I waive my housing deposit?

You can waive your housing deposit if your financial aid meets or exceeds your charges for the semester.

What is fiscal clearance?

Fiscal clearance is the business and finance office verifying that you have enough aid for the semester via financial aid, payments or a payment plan.

I have my own insurance why do I have to pay $450 for the school’s insurance?

If you are covered by a parent, spouse or guardian’s insure, you can waive your health insurance with the university by going online to complete an insurance waiver form. You can only waive the fee online. Giving health insurance information to the health department or verbally telling someone you have health insurance does not waive the fee.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

Yes, if you are a boarding student.

Can my parents charge the $50 SOAR fee to my account?

No, the $50 charge cannot be charged to your account and is not covered by your $325 orientation fee. The $50 fee is for parents to cover the cost of meals and supplies during the SOAR event. 

Financial Aid & Scholarships

How do I apply for aid at Dillard University?

All it takes at Dillard to apply for aid is the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Certain types of aid , usually loans require additionally information after you have been awarded,  but only an admission acceptance and  the FAFSA is required to determine your eligibility.  

What documents will I need to complete the 2013-2014 FAFSA?

You will need the following information….

  • Your 2011 Federal tax information (if applicable)
  • Your parents’ 2011 Federal tax information (dependent students)
  • Proof of un-taxed income.
  • Bank statements for checking, savings and investment records

When will I receive an award notification?

After you have been admitted and have completed the FAFSA, we will mail you a financial aid award notification.  The award notification letter will describe the types of awards you have been offered.  You do not have to return the award notification to our office unless you decide to DECLINE or REDUCE your award.

When should I apply for Financial Aid?

Although you must be offered admission to Dillard University to be awarded need-based financial aid, you should not wait for your offer of admissions to apply for financial aid.

My SAR indicates that I was selected for verification, what does that mean?

If your SAR indicates that you have been selected for verification you will be required to submit tax returns for both you and your parents, if applicable.  Also, a Verification Worksheet must also be submitted.  

What are alternative loans?

Alternative loans are private (non-federal) loans.  Specific terms and eligibility requirements will vary.  Be sure you have applied for all of the federal student loans you are eligible for before you consider private loans.

How do I get more financial aid?

Most aid is based upon need.  If there are new or changed circumstances not correctly reflected on you original FAFSA please contact our FA&S.  If what you reported on your current SAR is correct and changes occur that may warrant a “special circumstance” consideration, please complete and submit a Special Circumstance Appeal form and all of the required documentation.

My parents don’t support me and won’t contribute to my education, am I still considered a “dependent “student?

The fact that parents don’t provide financial support is not an automatic criteria establishing independence.  If you believe that your special circumstances warrant a dependency override, you may submit a written appeal to your financial aid counselor and complete a “Petition to Apply as an Independent Student” form.  

Records and Registration

Where do I register for classes?

  • After meeting with an advisor you register on myDU
  • If you are on academic probation or reduced load, then register in Records & Registration Office.

Who is my Advisor and where are they located?

  • College of Arts and Science 504-816-4701     504-816-4701 FREE
  • College of Business 504-816-4698                504-816-4698 FREE
  • College of Professional Studies; School of Nursing 504-816-4717   504-816-4717 FREE ;School of Public Health 504-816-4401  504-816-4401 FREE; School of Mass Communication 504-816-4450  504-816-4450 FREE
  • College of General Studies 504-816-4138      504-816-4138 FREE

Why am I unable to see my transfer credits on myDU?

  • We have not received the official transcript(s)
  • If it’s not on myDU check with the Office of Records & Registration

When can I get enrollment verification information?

  • Office of Records and Registration
  • After 14th class day

My parents are in the military and want me to use their VA benefits, where do I go?

  • Office of Records and Registration 504-816-4705

When do I get my e-mail address?

  • After the registration process has been completed


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