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DU Online gives you flexibility in your academic journey. Complete courses at your convenience--anywhere, anytime. And we don’t let you go it alone. Experience Dillard’s signature academic support to help you achieve your career goals.


Students on laptops working togetherFREE ONLINE RESOURCE FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING

In response to the recent developments due to
COVID19Dillard has partnered with SkillsCommons and MERLOT to create this FREE online resource to help both Teachers and Students prepare to start teaching and learning online.




What is the difference between taking classes online and in-person?

Online classes ordinarily do not have the same time restrictions constraints as brick and mortar (in-person) classes, so you often have flexibility to view lectures and participate in class discussions. Some lectures may occur in real time (synchronous) while others are may not (asynchronous).

Are online classes better than in-person?

It’s not a question of whether or not one is better than the other. They are simply different and each is challenging in its own way. Regardless of being in a classroom or on a computer, we believe that it ultimately depends on your level of dedication.


Will this compromise the quality of my Dillard degree?

No. The quality of your degree depends on your putting forth an honest effort to do quality academic work and your ability to apply what you are learning.


What do online class assignments look like?

It depends on the program and the instructor. One thing to look for are discussion boards where you would be expected to write your thoughts about lectures and/or reading assignments. As far as group projects, you would participate with other students using discussion boards or the communication channels of your choice. For papers, your instructor may ask you to submit them via a platform such as Dropbox. Expect, also, to complete presentations using a tool such as PowerPoint.


Does it matter where I am, physically, when I am taking an online class?

The beauty of online learning is its flexibility. You can learn at home, at a coffee shop, your local library or wherever you’re comfortable participating in the classes. However, make sure that you are in a place where you have a reliable internet connection and there are minimal distractions.


Would I be able to take brick and mortar classes?

If you are in the New Orleans area, yes.


What if I have an issue with my instructor?

You would follow the same process as you would if you were physically on campus. We encourage you to attempt to resolve any conflicts with your instructor. If not, you would follow the chain of command with the next step being your department chair. Next in the chain are the dean of Faculty and Student Academic Services (Dr. Eartha Johnson) and the vice president of Academic Affairs (Dr. Yolanda Page).


How can I get help with Canvas?

Canvas is a great tool with lots of help. Go to the login page and go to CLICK HERE FOR CANVAS HELP for assistance. You don't even have to log in!


For help with Preparing Teachers and Students for Online Learning, CLICK HERE


If there are any additional questions, we are happy to help! Email us at


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