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ACE - General Education

What is General Education?


CFYE girls smilingGeneral Education is your academic introduction to the university. This academic introduction is developed primarily through the General Education Curriculum, a set of course requirements that all students at Dillard University, regardless of their major, must meet. The courses offered in the General Education curriculum provide diverse perspectives and help you acquire the skills essential to university-level learning. Most students complete the General Education curriculum by the end of their sophomore year.


Why are you required to take General Education courses?


Dillard University's mission is to produce graduates who excel, become world leaders, are broadly educated, culturally aware, and concerned with improving the human condition. In order to be broadly educated, Dillard requires its undergraduate students to take the General Education courses listed below. We have a deep conviction that living a successful and satisfying life demands a wide range of skills and knowledge. Whatever your area of specialization or career plan, you will need the skills to reason logically and quantitively, and to communicate effectively. Further, as a consumer and citizen you will need to have an understanding of the ideas and cultural movements that shape our values, the ways in which humans organize and govern their socities, and the sciences that explain and increasingly shape our environment.


General Education Curriculum


English 111 & 112 - 6 hrs


These courses build the foundation for clear and effective communication via writing. Writing and the writing process are emphasized in Eng 111, argumentation and research in Eng 112. These courses explore the range of cultural expression, creativity and critical inquiry of humanity that are central to a liberal arts education. Students must pass ENG 111 and 112 with a "C" or better.


Literature - 3 hrs


ENG 201 Readings in World Literature or ENG 202 Readings in World Literature


World Languages 121 & 122 - 6 hours (or placement level)

These courses develop competencies in reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as broadening cultural awareness and perspectives on global trends.


Mathematics 121 (or higher) - 3 hrs

This course develops quantitative skills and proficiency in the utilization of mathematical skills, concepts and ideas to solve problems and interpret information.


Economics 203 - 3 hrs

This course develops quantitative skills and proficiency in the working of national and international economics.


Africa Diaspora Course - 3 hrs Select one of the following courses:

These courses promote an awareness and understanding of African and African-American heritage. It is an interdisciplinary course (history, literature, art, music, sociology, anthropology, etc.) that examines critical themes and patterns that have influenced and continue to have an impact on African-descended peoples around the world.


AWS 100 - 3 hrs


REL 208 - The Black Church - 2 hrs


First Year Seminar I & II (FYS 101 and FYS 102) - 2 hrs


FYS 101 First Yer Seminar I (Fall) 1 hour


FYS 102 First Year Seminar II (Spring) 1 hour


Humanities Course - 3 hrs. Select one of the following courses:

  • SPT 102 Introduction to Theatre
  • SPT 204 Speech Communication
  • ART 202 Introduction to Visual Art
  • MUS 130 Music Appreciation
  • PHI 200 Perspectives in Philosophy

Social/Behavioral Sciences - 6 hrs

These courses emphasize the theories and methods that explain human social organization; human interaction with their physical environment; institutional and group behavior as it relates to politics, government and law; the mechanisms through which a society produces, trades, and distributes material goods; and the mental, emotional and behavioral processes of individuals.

  • GEO 115 Introduction to Geography
  • HIS 101 The Global Past I
  • HIS 102 The Global Past II
  • HIS 201 United States History I
  • HIS 202 United States Histor II
  • POL 201 American National Government
  • PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

Natural Sciences - 4 hrs

These introductory courses provide the fundamental knowledge for non-science majors to make informed decisions about questions in natural sciences that arise in everyday life.

  • BIO 101 & 101L Biological Sciences & Lab
  • BIO 111 & 111L General Biology (for major only)
  • BIO 201 & 201L Anatomy and Physiology & Lab (nursing majors only)
  • BIO 202 & 202L Anatomy & Physiology & Lab (nursing majors only)
  • CHE 111 & 101L General Chemistry & Lab
  • SCI 101 & 101L Physical Sciences & Lab
  • SCI 102 & 102L Physical Sciences & Lab
  • SCI 201 & 291L Earth Sciences & Lab
  • SCI 202 & 202L Earth Sciences & Lab


Total General Education Core - 41 hours


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