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The road to graduation begins here at the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).  The goal of the ACE department is to assist students in the progression of their college experience from first to second year.  Within the ACE, the programs and staff work together to make sure that student are retained.  Success for all students is the departments goal.  This is ensured by focusing our efforts on retention initiatives and academic success programs that follow students through their second year. 



The departments encompassed in the ACE are:  the First-Year Experience Programs, Academic Advising (for first-year and transfer students), Service Learning, the Writing Center, Supplemental Instruction, the Men of Dillard, the Honda Campus AllStar Challenge, and the Thompson/Cook Honors Program.  All of these identified units have a unique function contributing to the overall success of lower division students.  Embedded within these programs are administrative, curricular and programmatic initiatives that assist students in developing competencies to successfully navigate the processes and culture of higher education. Combining these programs allows for students to work collaboratively to support the needs of their peers. These collaborations will further contribute to developing the sense of purpose and belonging for all students, which are essential components of a successful transition (Boyer, 1985).  The overall goal is to create an environment that allows for both natural and intentional collaborations to occur.  


"The relationships I have developed in the ACE office have proven to be essential to helping me navigate the Dillard University landscape" - Chad Fuselier (Junior, Financial Economics Major)





Institutional Collaboration as a Pathway to Student Success: The Lumina HBCU Student Success Project



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First Year seminar

First Year Seminar

The First Year Seminar is a structured, year-long learning experience designed to assist first-year students in making a smooth transition to college life.

Cyntoia Brown Convocation


University Convocation provides all first year students the opportunity to hear from peers, faculty, and staff in a group learning classroom setting. 

Student in Classroom

General Education

The foundation of Liberal Arts Education begins with the General Education Curriculum.


DU Students

Transfer Students

ACE serves as the central integration place for all transfer students regardless of their classification because their needs are similar to those of first-year students.  Providing concentrated services for transfer students increases the retention and graduation rates of this population.  For first-year transfer students, Learning Communities would be created in the Spring or Fall semester specifically focusing on their needs.  This would include a FYS course directed at the special circumstances related to transferring.  For all other transfer students, they would remain with ACE for their first semester while they are becoming fully acclimated to Dillard.  During the first-semester, the goal will be to ensure all general education courses have been completed and to create an academic plan that will see them to graduation. Additionally, educating them on the available resources and the institutional culture to promote academic success.


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