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Mission & Vision

The mission of the Bachelor of Science Degree program in Physics is to offer traditional preparation of students for opportunities in graduate study, research, pre-engineering, and employment. There are two concentrations in the Physics degree program: Medical Physics and Pre-Engineering. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation and training opportunities in interdisciplinary research areas such as: Chemical Physics, Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Material Science, Optics & Lasers and Engineering.

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About Us

The Physics and Pre-Engineering Program is one of Dillard University's signature programs. It embodies the best strengths of our university and offers a best-in-class, competitive education.

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Physics has been at Dillard since the beginning, and it's come a long way to the prestigious program we have today. At first, we offered general physics courses, which became...

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Student Research

We offer students valuable research opportunities on par with Research I universities and even graduate schools. Students have access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure...

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Internationally Known 

Under the leadership of Presidential Physics Professor Dr. Abdalla Darwish, the Physics and Pre-Engineering Program at Dillard University has gained global attention and recognition. Dr. Darwish has involved our program and its students in his groundbreaking research, patents, and inventions, which have led to over 34 invited international talks in Japan, China, Italy, France, Spain, and more in 2017 and over 24 invited international talks in 2018. Our students benefit from his internationally recognized work in thin film fabrication using the pulse laser deposition (PLD) technique and his specialization in nonlinear optical and Nanocomposite materials, electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), infrared double optical spectroscopy, ion implantation, and more.


Click Here To Read About Dr. Darwish's Seminar In Japan


*Picture taken at Japan University of Tokyo with Professor Junichiro Shiomi.




Preparation for Graduate School

One of the top priorities of our program is preparing students for graduate school. From coauthoring publications in peer-reviewed journals to working on projects funded by the Army and the Air Force, students gain hands-on experience to prepare them for graduate school and beyond. Our students have contributed to a number of important research projects supported by AFOSR and ARO grants, whose objective is to produce operationally feasible polymer nanocomposite films for sensor and light emitting applications using the new invention of double pulsed laser deposition (DPLD). These opportunities more than prepare our students to excel in graduate physics programs.





 University Boasts Most Black Women Physics Grads

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Department Success Stories and Activities

As one of Dillard University’s signature programs, the Physics and Pre-Engineering Program is always seeking new ways to empower our students to be active and find success. Learn more about the most exciting things happening in our department.


*Picutre of DU WISHES Summer Program supported by Air Force Office of Scientific Research through EPA




Give to the Physics and Pre-Engineering Department


In order to support our mission and vision, the Physics and Pre-Engineering Department relieson support from the community. Our goals include creating opportunity for youth within ourbeloved city of New Orleans, especially by introducing and exposing young men and women ofcolor to STEM research. As you likely know, endeavors of this nature are rare and not readilyavailable to students from low-income families living in under-resourced communities.Since 2005, we have taken notice of the issues impacting native New Orleanians, frompermanent displacement to gentrification to educational inequality. Dillard remains one of thefew places that promulgates the black middle class in both word and deed. It is our belief thateducation is an incubator for literacy, employment, citizenship, and activism. We aim to serve asa citadel of advancement, an educational map, an economic development plan, and aprotector for those dealing intimately with poverty in our community.For more information on African American underrepresentation in physics and Dillard’ssuccesses with African American physics students, read “Untapped Talent: The AfricanAmerican Presence in Physics and the Geosciences,” a report published by theAmerican Institute of Physics. If you would like to support us in these endeavors, please.


Meet Dr. Abdalla Darwish






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Address: 2601 Gentilly Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana 70122



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