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Planned Giving

Who should participate in Planned Giving?


You are never too young to leave a legacy thorugh planned giving. Your generous gifts through wills, trusts or other estate gifts ensure the continued vitality and development, and unfettered commitment driven through graduates of Dillard University worldwide from one generation to the next. There are various planned giving options, you may contribute a variety of assets to, which enables you receive maximum tax advantages and are able to contribute during your lifetime or create a bequest in your will.


What are Planned Gifts? 



Bequest by Will- You may transfer any asset you own through a written will to benefit Dillard University. Although you won't receive any tax benefits during your lifetime, your taxable estate will be reduced by the amount of the charitable bequest. Create an addition (codicil) to your existing will or an amendment to your revocable trust.


Real Estate- Dillard University will accept most gifts of real estate. Such a gift allows you to avoid taxes on capital gains, thus enabling you to provide a greater benefit to the students of your alma mater. Also, you can give specific assets, including securities, real estate (such as a residence or office building) or personal property (such as artwork, antiques, royalties, copyrights, etc.)


Life Insurance- You can name Dillard University as owner of a paid-up life insurance. You will receive a charitable income tax deduction on the cash value of the policy, as well as the annual premiums. Contact your policy’s administrator so that you can complete the beneficiary designation form.


Charitable Remainder Trust- You may use different assets to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust that will benefit you and/or your heirs for life. The remaining interest in the trust could be designated for Dillard University.


Retained Life Estate- Donate your real estate but keep the right to use and enjoy it for life! This option removes taxable assets from your estate and reduces your income tax.


IRA- You can avoid income tax on retirement accounts, as well, as estate taxes, by naming Dillard University as a partial or full beneficiary of your retirement accounts. Many investors are beginning to realize that upon their death, unused IRA assets will be heavily taxed. In fact, your estate and income taxes could consume anywhere from 60% to 80% of the money remaining in IRA assets.


Charitable Gift Annuity- A Charitable Gift Annuity enables you to transfer cash or marketable securities to Dillard University for the ultimate benefit of under- graduate students. In return, you will receive fixed annual payments for life or a set period of time, and you will be entitled to a charitable income tax deduction in the year in which the gift annuity is created.


Retirement Plan- Name Dillard University as a retirement plan beneficiary. To do so, you need to contact your retirement plan administrator and complete the necessary beneficiary designation forms.




Download your Planned Giving Brouchure here.







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