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1.    How can I locate funding opportunities?
  Answer:   The ORSP website includes links to resources to help identify grant opportunities. Searchable sites like, NSF Fastlane, andThe Foundation Center, are available.

2.    Where do I obtain grant forms?
  Answer:   Most agencies have application forms on their web sites (NIH, NSF, HUD, Board of Regents etc). Both the NIH Policy Statement and NSF Proposal and Awards Policies Guide also contain agency-specific forms and information. University forms can be found under the "Forms" section of the ORSP webpage.

3.    What are the university's Federal Tax ID and DUNS numbers? 
Answer:    Tax ID: 72-0408929; DUNS: 062665468

4. Who can help me with budget information?
    Answer: Please contact Mrs. Elsie Coleman, Post Award or 504.816.4514


5. What is Dillard's Federal Wide Assurance Number?
Answer:    FW001151


6. What are Dillard University’s Facilities & Administration (formally indirect cost) rates?
F&A on-campus: 46% - Modified Total Direct (MTD). The current F&A agreement can be requested from the ORSP at
7. What are the current fringe benefits rates?
Answer:  Dillard University’s Fringe Benefit rate is 23%. 

8.    Who submits application and proposal requests on behalf of the university?
Answer:    The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs submits proposal and application information to agencies on behalf of the university. Most applications are submitted electronically through, nsf fastlane, LOGAN, and other agency sites.

9.  How can I obtain an account number to start expenditures on my grant?
Answer:    Once funding is received, ORSP will request an account number/cost center. In some cases cost centers can be activated in advance of the final award. However, agencies/sponsors must agree (in writing) to pre-award costs prior to any expenditures being incurred by the university.

10. Who can I contact about my Title III activity?
Answer:    Please contact Ms. Nichele Harper, Director of Title III, or 504.816.4212 OR Ms. Gracious Bias Program Specialist at 504.816.4261

11. To whom do I send my Time and Effort reports?
Answer:    Please send all Time and Effort forms to Mrs. Elsie Coleman, Post Award Administrator, or 504.816.4514

12. What area or projects does Title III support?
Answer:    Title III supports activities that are aligned with the university's strategic plan and that strengthen academic programs, fiscal management, or the endowment. The current list of Title III activities is found on the Title III web page. For additional information regarding Title III activities and processes, contact Ms. Nichele Harper-O'Connor at 504.816.4212.

13. Who do I contact to receive a financial report for my grant?
Answer:     Please contact Mrs. Elsie Coleman: or 504.816.4514

14. Can I hire a consultant to work on my project?
Answer:    Yes, if it is stated in your approved budget. Please contact the Office of Legal Affairs for appropriate contracting documents. Additionally, all sub-awards, requests for consultants and professional services must be routed through the Controller/Purchase Office. 




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