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Emergency Evacuation Preparation Checklist


Click here to download the 2012-2013 Emergency Plan Summary




  • Check with local media regarding closure and evacuation.
  • You will be informed of makeup days if necessary.


  • Determine where you will go upon evacuation.
  • If you require evacuation assistance, contact Student Affairs for information.
  • Pack medicines, valuables, toiletry items, and a pillow and blanket or throw cover.
  • Unplug all electronic devices. Move items away from windows and off the floor.
  • Notify residential life staff of your destination and contact number.
  • If instructed, you must evacuate. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.
  • Check in with residential staff upon your return to receive further instructions.
  • Take photos if possible before you leave.
  • Take important papers and research documents.
  • Take CDs, DVDs and other electronic storage devices.
  • Check local media for further instructions.
  • Persons with disabilities: use the “buddy system” for assistance to the most appropriate exit route or nearest area of rescue.


  • Once notified of closure, dismiss classes if necessary.
  • Move items from floor of your office.
  • Turn off/unplug all electronic devices.
  • Secure valuables and lock all doors.
  • Check local media for further instructions.


  • Once notified of closure, turn off and unplug all electrical equipment.
  • Remove items from floor of your office.
  • Dispose of trash and food items.
  • Clear items from desk and near windows.
  • Secure valuables and lock all doors.
  • Check local media for further instructions.


Members: President, Executive Vice President, Senior Cabinet, Public Safety Director, Director of Communications, Facilities Management. Others as designated by supervisor/vice president depending on situation.

  • Report to president’s conference room when instructed for briefing and assignment prior to emergency and as instructed once implementation of plan begins.
  • Secure personal work space.
  • Direct employees as instructed.
  • Implement tasks as determined by Crisis Decision Team.
  • Evacuate as instructed. Be sure to inform the President’s Office of your destinations and contact information.
  • You will be notified regarding further instructions to return to campus


Click here to download a financial disaster checklist



Additional instructions are as follows:



For tomorrow’s (Oct. 4, 2013) evacuation students are to meet downstairs in Kearny Hall for 7 a.m. to board buses to Centenary College in Shreveport. This evacuation applies to Dillard residential students only.  Your RA will provide you details on what items you may bring with you on the bus.

Classes for Monday, Oct. 7 have been cancelled and will resume on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Students should check with their instructor’s Black Board for assignments.

Dillard essential personnel are expected to report to work on Monday based on instructions from your respective supervisors.

Employees should secure their workspace and protect/cover computers and equipment from possible roof leaks before leaving today.

Discard perishables from refrigerators in preparation for a possible power outage.

Unplug appliances, computers, and all electrical equipment

Follow your individual emergency plan for protecting academic files and research


Please monitor the website, twitter and Facebook for updates.

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