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Emergency Management Plan Summary


Download the 2016-2017 Crisis and Emergency Management Plan.

Download the 2016-2017 Emergency Plan Summary.



  • Emergency Evacuation recommendation to President when Level 3 hurricane is in the Gulf and vector points North (up to three days advanced warning).
  • The Cook Center is the designated meeting location for instructions and evacuation.
  • Designated staff will evacuate to Dallas, TX, and Shreveport, LA, at hotel sites reserved in advance.
  • Students and chaperones will evacuate to Centenary College in Shreveport, LA, on buses contracted by the University.
  • Text messaging is already available; students and university personnel need to sign up to receive messages via their cell phones. Sign-up is available through the university's Web site and this link:
  • A backup Web site server has been established at a remote site.
  • Emergency information will be updated continuously on the Dillard website,
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan will be placed on Web prior to fall semester.
  • An Academic Plan has been developed to ensure no loss in instruction for students; students should consult instructors regarding individual class plan. Check the Dillard Web site for details.
  • Each division and department will have a Telephone Calling Tree with emergency contact numbers and a designated emergency coordinator.


8-Step Emergency Plan Summary (Weather Related)

  1. DECLARATION OF EMERGENCY - The President authorizes the declaration of an emergency and immediately begins evacuation procedures once a tropical storm/hurricane reaches the Gulf of Mexico as a Category 3 Hurricane and the directional vector points north. (It is anticipated that such analysis should provide as much as three (3) days advanced warning.)
  2. Crisis Decision Team reviews the situation (President, Executive Vice President, Director of Public Safety, and Director of University Communications).
  3. Decision is made to assemble full Emergency Response Team (President, Executive Vice President, Senior Cabinet, Director of Public Safety, Director of University Communications, Facilities Management, SODEXO Dining Services, ITT, Human Resources, and University Nurse).
  4. President (or designee) declares emergency/crisis status and gives instructions to ensure maximum coordination to Executive Vice President and Emergency Response Team.
  5. Emergency Response Team begins implementation of plan based on the nature of the situation.
  6. Emergency Response Team assembles as frequently as necessary to provide status updates.
  7. During the emergency, members of the response team will handle tasks as assigned.
  8. Recovery procedures will be implemented and the university will begin to return to business as usual after the President declares “all clear."


For Communication Updates:

Information Lines: (504) 816-4411 and (877) 551-5581



Emergency Response Team (ERT) Core Members

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Sr. VP Academic Affairs
  • VP Business & Finance
  • VP Student Success
  • VP Legal Affairs
  • VP Facilities Management & Planning
  • Director of Public Safety
  • Director of University Communications


Academic Preparedness Plan

Download it here...





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