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Campus Police Department

Dillard UniversityThe Dillard University Police Department is a fully commissioned, professional force of police officers.
The Department is fully sanctioned by the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement.


Dillard University police officers are trained and certified the same as members of other law enforcement agencies within the state of Louisiana and are commissioned by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Correction, State Police Department as University Police Officers in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 17:1805.


Consequently, Dillard University police officers are prepared to provide a full range of law enforcement services in an environment that requires additional care and understanding of the uniqueness of an educational community.


The officers are authorized to carry firearms and make arrests on property controlled by Dillard University and in accordance with Louisiana state law, any street adjacent to Dillard-owned property. The Department uses uniformed officers to patrol the campus 24 hours per day – on foot, in automobiles, and on bicycles. Using a well-established cooperative relationship with local law enforcement, area agencies regularly report students who have been arrested for off campus offenses to the Dillard University Police Department 

Emergencies:  (504) 816-4911, or 4911 on campus

Non-Emergencies:  (504) 816-5310, or 5310 on campus

Location:  Gentilly Gardens (rear of library)


Public Safety Documents:

ID Badge Policy

2011 Security & Fire Report

2012 Security & Fire Report

2013 Security & Fire Report

2014 Security & Fire Report

2015 Security & Fire Report

2016-2017 Security & Fire Report

2017-2018 Security & Fire Report

2018-2019 Security & Fire Report

Campus Parking Info

Campus Parking Map


 REM4 Emergency Management


Dillard University is on the leading edge of emergency management and campus safety.  They have joined with REM4 to take the University Emergency Operating Procedures and move them out of three ring binders and onto the smartphones and ipads of the University Executive team.  REM4's technology places all critical emergency operations information into the hands of the University Emergency Management team at all times.  The REM4 applications enhance the Universities ability to access critical information at any time and to alert others when needed.  Information flow to DUPD and the executive team is further enhanced with the REM4 Notifeye app.  All staff and students can "See Something, Say Something" in a discrete and confidential manner with the new REM4 Notifeye app.  To learn more about the REM4 products, visit



2601 Gentilly Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

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