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School of Accounting & Financial Economics


The School of Accounting and Financial Economics provides quality education to students who want to major in accounting or financial economics. The school prepares students majoring in Accounting for careers in public, corporate, and not-for-profit accounting organizations that demand a high level of accounting professionalism. The school also provides quality education to students majoring in Financial Economics for careers in professional fields of economics or finance. In addition, it prepares students for graduate, professional and advanced studies in accounting, economics, finance and other related fields of study.  




Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting, graduates will be able to:


Apply accounting concepts and methods to interpret financial statements for evaluating the financial position and performance of organizations.


Prepare, interpret and analyze accounting information for internal control, planning, performance evaluation, and coordination to continuously improve business processes.


Prepare and deliver professional and effective business presentations which incorporate appropriate technologies.




Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics, graduates will be able to:


Demonstrate and apply basic finance and investment concepts.


Demonstrate and apply basic knowledge of financial economics.


Demonstrate a solid understanding of economics and its role in public, private and nonprofit organizations.





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