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Every year, graduating seniors in applicable majors must complete assessments as part of their graduation requirements. These assessments help Dillard improve its effectiveness as an institution.


Why does the University conduct these assessments?

Dillard wants to know what and how you are learning. The more we, as an institution, know, the better we can plan learning activities and the better we can structure instruction. Also, an assessment is a core component of the process required for accreditation and it helps Dillard pursue funding.


How do students come into play?

The data collected from the assessments help the University better understand your learning, and that helps to maximize what you learn through improved instruction.


What are the ETS® Major Field Tests (MFTs)?

ETS® (Education Testing Service) MFTs, are the tools used for assessment. In 2016, Dillard's faculty adopted the plan to conduct assessments according to majors in place of a comprehensive exam. The following are the majors: 




Computer Science

Criminal Justice

Literature in English




Political Science



Are the MFT and GRE are designed by the same company?

Yes. The GRE predicts student success whereas the MFT measures the amount of student learning in the major.


When are assessments administered?

MFTs are administered in the senior year after the majority of courses have been complete.


Other need-to-know items:


There is a wide range of difficulty among the assessments which cover depth and breadth in assessing students' achievement levels.


There are approximately 120 multiple choice questions.


The test length is two (2) hours.


Assessments can be taken online or on-campus.


There are no make-ups.


For questions, contact Jacques Detiege, Director of Assessment and Analysis at 



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