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Graduation FAQs



When will the announcements be available for pickup?

Please check with the Division of Academic Affairs by either visiting Rosenwald Hall, Room 106 or by emailing Mr. Lawrence Weber Jr. at  


How many announcements will we receive?

Each candidate for graduation will receive 10 announcements, however, you can order additional announcements from Jostens.


What if we have already completed our degree requirements during the summer or fall prior to Commencement, and we are no longer on campus? How do we get our announcements?

Please email with your preferred mailing address and we will mail them to you.


When will the caps and gowns be available for pickup?

Caps and gowns will be distributed during Clearance Week. Please check your email for the clearance process.


When should all of my fees be paid?

For the Class of 2023, all balances must be paid in full by April 28, 2022, 5 p.m. Failure to satisfy a student balance will result in prevention from participating in Commencement. In addition, a hold will be held on your educational records until the debt is settled. PAY BALANCE HERE.


When are graduation fees be posted?

Normally, no later than February. Please check with the Office of Records and Registration at


Do we get a discount if we do not attend the scheduled events?

No, these fees are set.


Are the graduation fees refundable if we do not participate in Commencement?

No, the graduation fee is non-refundable.


Will instructors be notified of whom prospective graduates are for our final exams?

Yes, the Office of Records and Registration will notify your instructors prior to the week of your final exams.


Make sure all the information on the graduation application is current and correct:


Name as it will appear on diploma and invitation

Address if we need to mail the diploma

Email address other than your Dillard University email address


Contact:  Office of Records and Registration 504-816-4705 or



How should my cap be worn?
The cap should be worn so that the mortarboard is level. It should not be tilted to the back or side of the head. The crown should be approximately one inch above the eyebrow.


How do I tell the front from the back of the cap?
The front of the cap is indicated on the inside of the crown.


Am I allowed to decorate my mortarboard?
Yes, but the decoration must be tasteful. The Marshals have discretion to remove any decorations that they do not deem to be tasteful.


Should the cap be removed anytime during the graduation ceremony?
Only men should remove their caps and that should be during prayer, the playing of the National Anthem, and the alma mater.


How do I take care of my gown?
The gown should be removed immediately from the package and placed on a hanger.


The gown seemed wrinkled when I took it out of the package, should I send it to the cleaners?
The gown should not be washed or dry-cleaned. It may be pressed with a cool iron or steamed.


What should I wear underneath the gown?
You should wear lightweight, comfortable clothing.


How do I wear the tassel?
Tassels are worn over the left temple. All graduates should wear the tassel on the same side for uniformity. The tassel may be switched to the right side after the diploma has been received.




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