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Editorial Archives




Dr. Marc Barnes: Cultivating the Relationship: The Intersection of Traditional and Pandemic-era Donor Cultivation Strategies


Dr. Walter Kimbrough: Louisiana's free speech hypocrites are now condemning Bill Cassidy


Prof. Blair Condoll: The limits of free speech and the dangers of violence and insurrection


Dr. Walter Kimbrough: This Year, King Couldn’t Give a King Day Speech


Dr. Yolanda Page: For a sorority sister, a historic first shows power of HBCU education


Dr. Walter Kimbrough:  Why it’s time for a new generation of HBCU grads to become national leaders




Dr. Walter Kimbrough: Discipline of student with home BB gun is not just dumb, but dumber (The Advocate)


Dr. Cleo Allen: A steeper mountain climbed, because disparities are due to institutional racism (The Advocate)


Dr. Gary Clark:  A Lesson Before November (The New Orleans Agenda)


Marissa Pittman '24:  Three Types Of Misinformation In This Election And How We Can Fight It (Forbes)


Dr. Jeff Benjamin, Tamika Duplessis (Delgado Community College) and Tara Tolford (University of New Orleans Transportation Institute): A better quality of life for New Orleans students (The Kresge Foundation)


Dr. Walter Kimbrough:  Letter in support of Jefferson Parish student Ka Mauri Harrison


Trent Dalcourt '22:  My Journey in Trusting the Process (Microsoft)


A message from the presidents of Dillard and Xavier


Dr. Kristen Broady:  We Shall Overcome:  HBCUs > COVID-19


Alumnus Perry Daniel:  The Talk: What I Must Teach My Black Son About Living in America (Learning Liftoff)


Dr. Walter Kimbrough:  In troubled times, HBCU grads are leading the way (The Advocate)


Board Chair/Alumnus Michael Jones, Esq.:  A Center for Racial Justice at Dillard, Where Black Lives Have Always Mattered (Bloomberg Law)


Dr. Walter Kimbrough:  No More Statements (Inside Higher Ed)


Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes:  Diversity & Inclusion is everybody's business (NACDA Athletics Administration, p. 80)


Dr. Walter Kimbrough:  A Fall Unlike Any I Have Seen (Chronicle of Higher Education)


Dr. Ebony Turner:  How I Transitioned My College Algebra Course to Digital Platforms (HBCU Digest)


Dr. Amy Lesen: Coronavirus will exacerbate existing health inequities (The Advocate)




Dr. Walter Kimbrough:  Real rivalry between New Orleans and Atlanta should extend beyond the gridiron (The Advocate)


Dr. Marc Barnes:  The road to HBCU self-sustainability (Diverse: Issues in Higher Education)


Dr. Walter Kimbrough:  How alternative facts can create fake HBCU news (Inside Higher Ed)





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