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Policies & Procedures


Dillard University Office of Communications and Marketing Policies and Procedures document cover Effective communication is central to any organization’s success.The policies and procedures set forth by the Dillard University Office of Communications and Marketing provide guidelines for the creation, dissemination and management of Dillard’s official communications to internal and external audiences. You can read the office's policies and procedures in their entirety HERE. The following are policies to note:



It is Dillard University’s policy that the development and application of University brand standards is determined by the Office of Communications and Marketing. All Dillard University community members are required to use the University’s brand identity and graphic standards as outlined in the Dillard University Brand Guidelines.


Dillard University’s marks are the primary graphic marks for the University. All of the marks are designed to promote Dillard University’s brand, and they must be used on all internal and external printed and electronic materials representing the University. The marks are not to be modified by changing the font, proportions, color or other design alteration. The use of Dillard University’s marks is not permitted in publications and displays that are not under the auspices or official sponsorship of the University. Questions regarding use of Dillard University’s marks in publications or displays should be addressed to the Office of Communications and Marketing.



Commercial use of the Dillard University marks is prohibited except in those instances expressly authorized by the University’s Office of Communications and Marketing. Parties interested in becoming licensed vendors are asked to direct questions to the Office of Communications and Marketing. All branded Dillard University merchandise that is offered for sale must be ordered through a licensed vendor. Licensed vendors have access to Dillard’s official art files and an approval process to ensure that the product has been reviewed and approved. Items that contain Dillard marks and are being used as giveaways should be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Commercial usage of Dillard’s marks without licensing approval is subject to legal action.



Dillard recognizes that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn have become important and influential community communication channels. The purpose of using social media channels on behalf of the University is to support Dillard’s mission, goals, programs and sanctioned efforts, including University news, information, marketing and branding strategies, content and directives. Therefore, when using approved/official Dillard social media channels identified with the University, it is critical that Dillard community members recognize that they are representing Dillard University to the world at all times.


To assist in posting content and managing these sites, the University offers the following policies and guidelines for official use of social media. These policies and guidelines apply to all Dillard community members using approved/official University social media. These policies and guidelines are not intended to govern or restrict personal presence or expression on the web. Also, they are not guidelines intended to restrict employee rights to engage in concerted, protected activity related to the terms and conditions of their employment.


Approval of Official Dillard Social Media Accounts
Employees who wish to set up approved/official University social media accounts and speak on behalf of Dillard through social media must receive permission from the head of their respective units prior to setting up the social media account. Once that permission has been granted, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing to discuss issues such as confidentiality, privacy, FERPA, etiquette and best practices in social media management. Per the University’s employee handbook, “Unless use of social media is part of an employee’s regular job duties, employees should refrain from using social media at work. This policy also prohibits the use of Dillard’s email addresses to register on social networks, blogs, or other online tools utilized for personal use.” Upon the launch of approved/official social media account(s), employees must submit their username(s), password(s), and the email address linked to the account to the Office of Communications and Marketing. This will ensure that, when account managers are unable to fulfill their duties, the account can be transitioned to a new manager.


Social Media Dialogue

Many social media sites promote commenting and online dialogue, the tone of which is generally informal. Despite its informal tone, all online dialogue is public. Remember that anything you write can and will be viewed by current and future Dillard University community members and constituencies as well as other colleagues and possible future employers. When engaging in dialogue on official University social media sites:


Remember that your statements and responses represent Dillard University to the world at all times.


Consider refraining from discussing or expressing opinions regarding Dillard University policies, operations and personnel. Such comments may be removed at the University’s discretion.


Exercise discretion, respect and thoughtfulness toward all dialogue participants.


Maintain professional language and tone.


Confidential or proprietary Dillard University information or similar information of third parties, who have shared such information with you on the University’s behalf must not be shared publicly on official Dillard University social media channels.


Official University social media accounts may choose to post University-related social media content generated by Dillard community members, including faculty, staff and/or students. Official University social media accounts can be accessed online, and include:



The Office of Communications and Marketing should review the goals and scripts of proposed videos and all Dillard marketing and promotional photography, whether created by an Office of Communications and Marketing photographer, University community member or freelance photographer (please see Dillard University Video Production/Photography). Video rough cuts should be reviewed before final approval.


The Office of Communications and Marketing works with on- and off-campus video production resources to produce promotional and information videos for external viewing. When appropriate, the Office of Communications and Marketing will refer members of the Dillard community to outside vendors to produce a requested video (see Freelance Video Production/Photography). All approved University video productions are required to use University marks and graphic standards.


Any request by an outside movie or video production company to film on University property shall be referred to the Office of Communications and Marketing or the Office of Auxiliary Services for consideration and approval. 


Note: The use of copyrighted music in any University video, including video produced for distribution on the web or broadcast television, is prohibited. The Office of Communications and Marketing subscribes to an extensive production music library for the purpose of providing music for University videos. There are also several sources for royalty-free music online through sites such as YouTube and Please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing for assistance.



When taking headshots or publicity photos, it is the goal of the Office of Communications and Marketing to capture subjects at their best. At the same time, the office often adheres to deadlines. Therefore, the Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to select the images that will be published. To ensure an efficient process that enhances and maintain any subject’s marketability, please adhere to the following steps:


After the photographer has taken a headshot or promotional photo, the images will be shared with the subject with a certain number of recommended options.


The subject will have up to 24 hours to select their top 5 to 10 images. The office strongly recommends selecting more than one photo.


Requests that will unnecessarily extend the editing process will not be honored. The goal is to market Dillard as a whole, not to satisfy individual tastes.


Photography of student groups will be arranged at the discretion of the Office of Communications and Marketing. Student photo requests are only honored as part of student organization group activities. Student group photo requests should be requested and managed by the group’s faculty/staff advisor. To ensure that group requests are handled in an efficient manner, the office requests that the advisors be present for scheduled photo sessions. The Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to deny student groups’ and students’ photography requests.


Photographs taken by the office are the property of Dillard University, and the office reserves the right to utilize group or individual photographs at its discretion. Photographs of individual student group members will be distributed to those members at the discretion of the group’s advisor. In the case of the Department of Athletics, individual student athlete photographs will be distributed at the discretion of the director of athletics or their designee.


It should be noted that the Office of Communications and Marketing’s photographers and videographers respect the wishes of students and employees who do not wish to be on video or in photography.




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