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Spring 2022


Jan. 24, 2022

  2. Overall Updates
      1. Surveillance Testing

      2. Campus wide surveillance testing began January 24th. We will test a percentage of our campus population each week. 


  1. New Quarantine Protocols

  2. The University, in alignment with the new CDC guidance, has shortened the quarantine window from 10 to 5 days. The University does, however, require that a negative test result be presented before returning to class or work. Please view the University's algorithm here.


  1. Monitoring for Resurgence

  2. The University will establish and monitor benchmarks that would require a response if the risks of COVID-19 become unacceptable at any point during the academic year and must alter the academic calendar and/or campus operations. These include, but are not limited to insufficient health or safety infrastructure, insufficient number of employees to otherwise maintain the integrity of the academic mission, or the COVID-19 infection in the student population becoming abnormally severe.

  1. Tuition and Fees
  1. As a reminder, there will be no refunds for tuition and fees in the case that the University moves to 100% online at any point in the semester. Regarding room and board, for Spring 2022 the fee schedule will be updated in the case of University closure. 


Jan. 18 – Feb. 18th

Resurgence Milestone #1

75% Room and Board Refund

Feb. 19 – March 1

Resurgence Milestone #2

50% Room and Board Refund

March 2nd – April 17

Resurgence Milestone #3

25% Room and Board Refund

April 18 (or later)

Resurgence Milestone #4

No Refund

  2. Students who do not wish to be vaccinated may consider taking online courses (if available) for the Spring 2022 semester via the Acadeum Consortium. You may do so by going to Please note that availability of courses may be limited. For more information about the Acadeum Consortium, email




    1. Vaccines/Boosters
  1. Those who have reached the eligibility period for a booster vaccination (6 months after your initial vaccination regimen), are required to get the booster shot. Please submit your documentation to the Office of Human Resources. Check your email for the proper HR contact person.


  1. Office Density/Virtual Meetings
  2. To reduce the risk of spread, the COVID-19 Task Force recommends that departments reduce the number of team members in offices at any given time. We will also return to virtual meetings to reduce the risk of spread.



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