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Campus Updates

September 20, 2022


Dr. Rochelle L. Ford, president of Dillard University

Dear Dillard community,


As we continue to move through this fall semester, I want to start by congratulating you, the Dillard University community. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Dillard has consistently had among the lowest infection rates, if not the lowest, in the state of Louisiana. As of our September 15 COVID-19 Dashboard update, the community has had only two active COVID cases on campus. 


Thanks to the infection control protocols the University has put in place, your commitment and cooperation, and the falling numbers across the country and in Orleans Parish specifically, the University will relax our indoor mask policy in favor of a "mask optional" policy effective immediately. This policy will remain in place as long as the COVID-19 infection rate for Orleans Parish, as measured by the CDC, remains at a "low" or "medium" level and the rate at Dillard remains at or below 1.5% (we are currently at less than 0.5%).


While this is good news, we must continue to remain vigilant, practice healthy habits and support the health of others in our community. Continue to wash up and follow the guidance set forth by our chief medical officer, Dr. Corey Hébert, to protect ourselves from other health threats such as monkeypox. If you are a student or employee who feels the need to continue to mask up, feel free to do so. If you choose to put your mask(s) aside, please be supportive and respectful of those who continue to mask and practice social distancing. For example, we ask that students and visitors honor the wishes of instructors who ask their classes to mask during instructional time. Likewise, we ask that those who visit campus offices respect the wishes of supervisors and office managers who ask office visitors to mask up.


From here, the University will continue to monitor the campus, update its COVID-19 Dashboard and also monitor the conditions of the surrounding community. Should the infection numbers rise in New Orleans or on campus, we will immediately shift back to the indoor mask mandate for the health and safety of everyone in our community.


For now, let’s be proud of the steps we have taken to keep the Dillard community as healthy as possible and continue to have a healthy year.


Warmest Regards,


Dr. Rochelle L. Ford, APR

President, Dillard University



2601 Gentilly Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

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