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Records and Registration

We maintain the academic records for each student and alumnus of our university. We also provide assistance with the adding or dropping of classes, transcript requests, enrollment and degree verification, and more. Our office also handles Veteran Affairs for military personnel and/or their dependents. For more information about how we maintain, release, and dispose of your records, read our Privacy Act.


Request a Transcript, Enrollment Verification, or Degree Verification

If you’re applying to another school or applying for a job, you may need to send an official transcript to prove which courses you took, the grades you received, and your grade point average (GPA). Our transcripts can be ordered online any time here. Similarly, you may need to verify that you are currently enrolled at Dillard University or that you have received a degree from Dillard. Learn more about how to request these documents here. Please visit with your academic advisor before you make the decision to drop a class.


Find, Add, Drop, or Withdraw from Courses

To find out which classes are currently offered at Dillard, use the course search function on myDU. For more information about how to add or drop courses, read about course registration and drop course forms. If you enroll in a course and discover you need to drop it after the final date to drop courses has passed, you must withdraw or you will receive an F. Read about course withdrawal here.


Normally, students cannot register for more than 18 credit hours in a semester. If you have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above, you can fill out a course overload form to register for up to 21 credit hours. Learn more about course overload here.




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