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Loan Counseling

Entrance Loan Counseling must be completed by new student loan borrowers at Dillard University. Loan funds will not be posted to a student account until loan counseling is completed. The purpose of the loan counseling is to explain students’ rights and responsibilities of borrowing loans. We offer loan counseling online and in person during our orientation sessions. Use the following link below to begin loan counseling: 

Entrance Counseling for Direct Loans


Exit Loan Counseling must be completed when students leave our institution either by withdrawing, dropping out, or graduating. Exit counseling is available online and in person during the withdrawal or graduation clearance process. Use the following link to begin the loan counseling:

Exit Loan Counseling for Direct Loans


GRADUATING SENIORS!  Are you a borrower of a Federal Student Loan? If yes, then EXIT Counseling IS REQUIRED!


DO NOT WAIT for Clearance Day – Complete this process 30-45 days prior to Graduation!

If you are a student loan borrower you must complete your Exit Counseling for the Federal Direct Student Loan Program at    NOTE:  If you are a prior Federal Perkins Loan borrower then the Federal Perkins Loan EXIT is a separate process from the Federal Direct Student Loan.  


You can complete the Exit online 30-45 days prior to graduation using any computer that has internet access.  Once we receive confirmation that you have completed your Exit Counseling we will notify the Registrar’s Office.


7  TOP Things to Manage Your Student Loans


#1     Attend Senior Day Informational Sessions

A Financial Aid representative will be available at Senior Day sessions to provide information, answer questions and address any concerns you may have regarding the Exit Counseling process.


#2     Identify Your Loan Servicer(s)

If you borrowed a subsidized, unsubsidized or PLUS loan, the Department of Education assigned a loan servicer to assist you in successfully managing your student loans.  To identify your loan servicer(s), please log onto  The loan servicer will assist you with information regarding your loan, repayment, and available options if payment is unavailable.


#3     View the Total Amount Borrowed

To view the total student loan amounts borrowed from the federal government, log onto  You should understand that your total indebtedness will be calculated as principal plus interest.  If you have borrowed a private loan you should contact the lender directly.


#4     Calculate an Estimated Monthly Payment

We recommend you using the Repayment Estimator/Calculator on the Federal Student Aid website at or contact your loan servicer(s) as identified in step #2.  Utilize this information to assist you in determining how much new debt to make and the timeframe you may want to choose in making new debt.  Even through you have a 6 month grace period; this information can help you in your financial decision making.


#5     Identify/Choose a Repayment Plan

There are several repayment plans.  You will be required to choose a repayment plan when completing online EXIT Counseling.  Study and decide on the repayment plan that fits your financial objectives.  Repayment Plans:  Traditional (Standard, Graduated or Extended) or Income-Driven (Pay as you Earn, Income Based (IBR) or Income Contingent (ICR)).  Also, learn about forbearance, deferment, and loan forgiveness.  This can help you understand what options are available.  If you have questions, please contact your loan servicer.  To review the repayment options, visit Federal Student Aid at or FedLoan Servicing at



All Federal Student Loan borrowers are required to complete the Exit Counseling once your Spring Loan disbursement  have received your Spring loan disbursement.  You can complete this process at least 30-45 days (or earlier) prior to graduating.  Students will not be cleared for Graduation until the EXIT Counseling is complete.  This process can be completed online at WWW.STUDENTLOANS.GOVYou must log in using your FSA User Name and Password.  Federal Perkins Loans borrowers must also complete the EXIT process – Please see Ms. Rhonda Creighton in the Office of Business and Finance for more details.


#7     Schedule an appointment with AIE to conduct a Financial Coaching Session at  

This process is FREE!  Obtain the benefits of this Financial Literacy/Debt Management Portal.  AIE offers crucial information regarding Life After College, repayment plans, money management and much, much more.  You should begin reviewing information, completing Financial/Money Management Coaching session and receiving vital information which will help you plan, prepare and hopefully prosper as you move to the next chapter in your education or workforce career.   Remember, even after graduation you can continue to utilize AIE to obtain important information which is vital form of resource.  You will be able to speak directly with a AIE representative.


Remember, student loans must be repaid AND repaid with interest.


Always provide the Financial Aid Office and your Loan Servicer with any changes to your mailing address.


Loan Repayment:  Repayment is the process of satisfying your obligation to pay back the money you borrowed to help you pay for your educational expenses.  Please visit Federal Student Aid at this hyperlink for more information: 

Helpful Link:  Loan Consolidation •















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