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About Dillard Pre-Law




The Pre-Law Program at Dillard University is in a unique position to do something different. As part of an HBCU, we are attuned to the needs of students of color and acutely aware of the obstacles they face. By contrast, the legal profession is one of the least diverse in the country. According to the American Bar Association’s National Lawyer Population Survey, only 5% of United States attorneys are African American. To be a pre-law program oriented toward African American students and students of color is as unprecedented as it is necessary, and we are proud to take up this mantle.


We believe that the legal profession and justice system should both represent and reflect the people of our country in order to best serve them. The demand for diversity is increasing everywhere, but it cannot be met without an established pipeline of students who are prepared for the work ahead. Our pre-law program is not a major, but a co-curricular program in which students interested in the law can receive support outside the classroom to achieve their goals and enter the legal profession. Any student with an interest in the law can benefit from our program, and any student can join, regardless of major. Join us in diversifying the legal profession, one student at a time.


Dillard University students admitted to law schools 2013-2021





Dillard University Pre-Law Student

Many of our students do not personally know any lawyers, judges, or other law professionals, and their impression of the legal profession is largely based on the fictional depictions they see on TV. By bringing attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals from the community to speak to our students and taking our students to visit courts and hear symposiums, we can help them determine whether or not they truly want to pursue work in the legal profession and add an experiential element to their undergraduate education.


Every year, we assist students in applying and getting accepted into summer pre-law programs at law schools throughout the country. During the summer of 2020, 18 Dillard students studied at law schools throughout the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest. We have also had great success with our Mock Trial Center and Mock Trial Team which reached the American Mock Trial Association National Championship Tournament (2022) for the first time in its brief existence after Opening Round Championship Series twice (2018 and 2022).


The mentorship component of our Legal Education Advancing Diversity (L.E.A.D.) Program also plays a role in exposing Dillard students to the legal profession. Students are individually matched with mentors in the legal profession, such as lawyers or judges, based on common interests and practice areas. This year-long mentorship allows students to expand their professional networks, learn firsthand about the law, and gain critical preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), law school, and their careers.



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