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AT&T’s Strategic Contribution Amplifies Dillard University’s Day of Giving

The recent Dillard University Day of Giving was significantly enhanced by a notable contribution from AT&T, led by David Aubrey, President, and Eric Jones, Regional Manager for External Affairs. Their $5,000 donation, the first check of the day, kick-started the $250,000 Match Challenge, showcasing the impactful role of corporate-community partnerships in supporting educational initiatives.

AT&T’s donation initiated the Donation Match Challenge and played a critical role in the event’s success. It demonstrated that corporate entities like AT&T play a significant role in educational fundraising events. By setting the pace, it encouraged further donations from other participants and underscored the power of collaborative efforts between corporations and educational institutions, emphasizing that together, they can substantially impact educational initiatives.

David Aubrey, reflecting on the occasion, stated, “The institution has been a jewel for our nation, and AT&T is proud of our support for over 100 years in Louisiana.” This acknowledgment not only underscores Dillard University’s historical impact but also solidifies AT&T’s century-long dedication to fostering growth and development in Louisiana.

Councilman Eugene Green, representing the district that includes Dillard University, echoed the sentiment of regional significance. “I’m so pleased to be the council member representing this district that includes Dillard because Dillard has such an impact on this district, and the city,” he remarked. His words further underline the university’s integral role and enduring influence within the local community.

Contributions can still be made at Dillard University’s Giving Page for those who wish to continue their engagement and support to Dillard University beyond the Day of Giving. You can watch the full show on Dillard University’s YouTube Channel.