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Dillard offers programs and spaces to provide students with the University’s signature academic support.

Will W. Alexander Library

Learn about the collection, both hard copies and virtual, in addition to the Dillard University archives.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research provides opportunities for students to connect with Dillard’s faculty for continuous support while engaging in creative work in students’ respective areas of interest.

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College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at Dillard University!

As a student in our college, you will have access to a diverse range of liberal studies options that span a wide array of disciplines. From public health to the arts, from natural sciences to the humanities, our College of Arts and Sciences offers a rich academic landscape that allows you to explore your passions and broaden your intellectual horizons.

DU Student in classTrue to the liberal arts identity, our college is dedicated to providing you with a well-rounded education that goes beyond specialized knowledge in a single field. We believe that an interdisciplinary approach is key to fostering critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability, which are vital skills in today’s rapidly changing world.

One of the hallmarks of our College of Arts and Sciences is our intellectually vibrant and accomplished alumni community. Our graduates have gone on to achieve success in various fields, from academia to the arts, from public service to scientific research. They credit their experiences in our college for their ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and navigate the complexities of the modern world.

The College of Arts and Sciences at Dillard University is comprised of four schools, each offering unique opportunities for academic exploration:

  1. School of Health and Wellness: This school focuses on promoting physical and mental well-being, preparing students for careers in healthcare, public health, and related fields. You will engage in cutting-edge research, gain hands-on experience, and develop the skills necessary to address health challenges in our communities.
  2. School of Humanities: The School of Humanities offers programs in disciplines such as literature, history, philosophy, and languages. Here, you will delve into the depths of human culture, expression, and thought, fostering critical analysis, cultural appreciation, and effective communication.
  3. School of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics): This school encompasses the natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Through rigorous coursework and hands-on laboratory experiences, you will develop analytical and problem-solving skills that are in high demand in today’s scientific and technological fields.
  4. School of Social Sciences: The School of Social Sciences explores the complexities of human behavior, society, and social systems. Programs in psychology, sociology, political science, and more will deepen your understanding of the world, promote social awareness, and equip you with the tools to effect positive change.
Dillard University Academics

In the College of Arts and Sciences, we are dedicated to nurturing your intellectual curiosity, fostering critical thinking, and empowering you to become a well-rounded, engaged, and informed citizen. Whether you are interested in exploring the arts, delving into scientific research, or analyzing the intricacies of society, our college provides the resources, support, and expert faculty to guide you on your academic journey.

Join us in the College of Arts and Sciences at Dillard University and embark on a transformative educational experience that will shape your future and empower you to make a lasting impact in your chosen field.

Welcome to a world of possibilities and endless opportunities for growth, exploration, and intellectual discovery at Dillard University.

Dillard University will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, in observance of Juneteenth and will reopen on Thursday, June 20, at 8 a.m.