Undergraduate Programs

Learn to manage financial records and analyze economic data for individuals and organizations.
Explore the study of living organisms, from cells to ecosystems, and gain a deep understanding of life sciences.
Develop skills in leadership, management, and decision-making to excel in various business settings.
Earn your bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Dillard University
Master programming, algorithms, and computing concepts to work in technology and software development.
Gain insights into law enforcement, legal systems, and crime prevention strategies.
Enhance your writing, critical thinking, and literary analysis skills while studying literature and language.
Explore the art and history of filmmaking, from scriptwriting to production and analysis of cinematic works.
Combine economics and finance to understand financial markets and decision-making.
Examine the cultural, societal, and nutritional aspects of food and food systems.
Specialize in earth and environmental sciences, focusing on geology, meteorology, and environmental studies.
Equip Health Professionals to become competent lactation specialists focused on health equity.
Study health-related topics, including public health, healthcare management, and human biology.
Develop skills in journalism, media production, and communication for various media outlets.
Learn mathematical principles and statistical techniques, with a focus on risk assessment and insurance.
Hone your musical talents and knowledge, covering performance, composition, and music theory.
Prepare for a career in nursing
Advance your Nursing Career with Dillard University’s Graduate Program
Explore the fundamental laws governing the universe, from subatomic particles to celestial bodies.
Analyze political systems, government structures, and global politics to understand the world's political dynamics.
Study human behavior, cognition, and mental processes to explore the mind and behavior.
Learn about disease prevention, health promotion, and healthcare policy to improve community well-being.
Prepare for a career in social services, helping individuals and communities overcome challenges.
Gain practical and theoretical knowledge in acting, stage production, and theatrical arts.
Explore urban development, city planning, and policy-making in urban environments.
Acquire expertise in managing water resources and sustainable urban water systems.
Develop your artistic creativity and skills in various visual mediums, including painting, sculpture, and digital art.