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Dillard University’s Office of Community & Church Relations Receives $40,000 Funding

Dillard University’s Office of Community & Church Relations, with Director Nick Harris, secures $40,000 in funding from the New Orleans City Council. This is part of a larger distribution of $5.6 million to over 200 community organizations and nonprofits, focusing on youth and community welfare.

Initially created to promote home ownership in Gentilly neighborhoods, the Office of Community & Church Relations shifted its focus after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, becoming a vital force for community development and engagement.

The $40,000 funding will support the Office’s ongoing efforts to better the local area. Director Nick Harris authored the grant application, highlighting the commitment to this mission. The Office maintains strong support from sponsors and collaborations with local and national organizations and companies.

This funding allocation is part of the New Orleans Recreation and Culture Fund, established in 2022 and funded by the city’s 2023 operating budget. It reflects the City Council’s dedication to supporting organizations enhancing the well-being of New Orleans’ youth and communities.

Dillard University’s Office of Community & Church Relations expresses deep gratitude for this funding, strengthening its outreach in the community.

This development emphasizes the importance of community-driven initiatives and partnerships in the region, showcasing the cooperative endeavors of organizations dedicated to improving the well-being of local youth and communities.

For more information, visit about the Office of Community & Church Relations.

In addition, to learn more about Dillard University and its commitment to community engagement, visit the Dillard University website.