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Dillard University’s Employee Giving Pledge Raises $25,000 for Student Welfare and Athletics

Dillard University has announced the successful raising of $25,000 through its Employee Giving Pledge, a significant contribution towards enhancing student welfare and athletic facilities.

Athletic Director Dr. Linda Bell, speaking on the impact of the pledge, said, “I’m passionate about the students playing their sport and getting their education simultaneously.” This statement reflects the university’s commitment to supporting student-athletes in their dual roles.

Additionally, the pledge will benefit the Ray Charles Center, as highlighted by Jessica Batnum, Program Assistant at the center. “The need is definitely there,” Batnum noted, emphasizing the importance of the food pantry in addressing student food insecurity on campus.

The raised funds are earmarked for several key projects. A significant portion will be used to expand and renew athletic facilities, aiming to reduce the travel time for both practices and home games. This enhancement will not only benefit the university’s sports teams but also contribute to a more efficient and effective athletic program.

Furthermore, the pledge supports Dillard University’s broader initiative to combat food insecurity. Plans include expanding the campus food pantry and establishing urban gardens, which will not only provide fresh food options but also contribute to sustainability and environmental awareness on campus.

The initiative also includes a focus on mental and emotional health resources. Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, the university aims to integrate and expand its health and wellness services. This includes partnering with public health organizations and utilizing new grant sources to enhance the support provided to students.

Additionally, efforts will be made to improve the experiences of both residential and commuter students. The university plans to create better spaces and support services, catering to the diverse needs of its student body. The initiative also aims to increase opportunities for extra-curricular and intramural activities, promoting a more vibrant and engaging campus life.

Contributions can still be made at  Dillard University’s Giving Page for those who wish to continue their engagement and support of Dillard University beyond the Day of Giving. You can watch the entire show on Dillard University’s YouTube Channel.