Welcome to the Dillard University Commencement homepage, where we celebrate the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and achievement. Our commencement ceremonies mark the beginning of a new chapter for our graduates, as they step into the world fully equipped to make a meaningful impact.

Join the Dillard community in honoring these remarkable individuals and their academic journey, as we come together to applaud their successes and look forward to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Watch this space for upcoming commencement information.

Commencement Policy

In order to participate in the Commencement exercise, you must be enrolled in ALL remaining required courses by the last day of the add/drop period during that semester.

Being enrolled in all required classes in the spring commencement semester but failing only one required course during that last semester will prevent you from participating in the commencement exercise. Withdrawal from any required courses will prevent you from participating in the commencement exercise.

This change in the marching policy does not affect the degree conferral policy. Degrees will continue to be conferred in May, August and December.

All balances must be paid in full by required date.

Failure to satisfy a student balance will result in prevention from participating in the graduation ceremony. In addition, a hold will be held on your educational records until the debt is settled.