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Paying for DU

Want to receive financial aid to attend Dillard University? In order to be considered, you must be admitted as a degree-seeking student and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year you are enrolled. You can fill out your FAFSA starting on October 1st the year before you seek to receive aid, and the priority deadline is March 1st. Our One-Stop Shop will open fall 2024.

Applying for Financial Aid

  1. New students can apply for financial aid today by following these seven steps:
  2. Apply for admission to Dillard University through myDU.
  3. Complete your FAFSA online. You and a parent must each create an FSA ID, or Federal Student Aid username and password, to sign the FAFSA electronically. The school code for Dillard University is 002004.
  4. If the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships requests any additional documents from you, send them in within two weeks of our request.
  5. Check your award status through myDU to see if you have been awarded any financial aid.
  6. If you are awarded a Federal Direct Loan, you must complete entrance loan counseling and e-sign a Master Promissory Note to receive your loan(s).
  7. Apply for outside scholarships. For more details, see below or visit our Outside Scholarships page.
  8. Each semester, make sure you meet our Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards so you do not lose your financial aid.

Types of Financial Aid Available

Financial aid includes scholarships and any other funds that assist a student with paying for their college education. We encourage all students who think they may need help paying for college to apply. There are several different types of financial aid available to meet the needs of students in a variety of situations, including both need-based and merit-based financial aid. Need-based aid is offered to those who can prove a financial need for assistance (based on FAFSA), while merit-based aid is offered to students based on their academic abilities or achievements.

Four main types of financial aid include:

  • Scholarships, which are usually offered by a college, foundation, or other organization based on a student’s academic performance or other achievements.
  • Grants, which are usually offered by a government or other organization based on a student’s financial need. Dillard University also, however, offers grants to further defray the cost of attendance.
  • Work-Study, which are college programs that offer part-time jobs to students who demonstrate financial need, allowing them to work and earn money while in school.
  • Loans, which can be need-based or non-need-based, are available to students.

Learn more about the different types of financial aid available at Dillard

Student Aid Index Calculator (Estimator) 

This tool estimates the Student Aid Index (SAI) for the 2024-25 award year, not the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for the 2023-24 award year. As a reminder, the move from EFC to SAI will expand the number of qualifying Pell recipients and will render different results from prior years. 

Visit the Student Aid website

Outside Scholarships

While our institution offers a variety of scholarships to students, there are also many outside sources that offer scholarships to Dillard students. Get started by reading our list of outside scholarships today.

For more information about financial aid and scholarships, please browse the frequently asked questions above or visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships page.