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Presidential Priorities

Dr. Rochelle Ford Official Portrait, Dillard UniversityDillard University continues to activate its commitment as a Historically Black University to, as our mission states, cultivate leaders who live ethically, think and communicate precisely, and act courageously to make the world a better place.

We have been focusing our attention on the DU3 to create Living, Learning, Serving Communities:

  • Facilities that withstand the forecast
  • Fortifying faculty and staff
  • Financing the future

Dillard aims to cultivate leaders in the following three key areas:

Healthy Communities

Dillard has been dedicated to the health and wellness of all people, particularly African Americans and other people of color, going back to the days of Straight University and New Orleans University. We are leveraging resources that include, but are not limited to:

Safe Communities

A Dillard education has been correlated to enhanced social and economic mobility which we are achieving through the following areas (partial listing):

Innovative Communities

Dillard remains a leader in educating Black women in physics, other students in the sciences and preparing K-12 students in STEM through summer and academic programs. Our students are continuing to lead through the following programs: