UC Team

Dr. Kimberly Moorehead '04, Dean

Hometown: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Education Background: 

  • Ed.D. in Higher Education, George Washington University
  • M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  • B.A. in Mass Communication, Dillard University

Favorite Subject:  History

Why do you like working with students? 

What I appreciate about working with student is the fact that things constantly evolve. I love engaging with students to learn how they are feeling, what they want to learn and providing them with the tools needed to practice self-advocacy. I particularly love seeing the overall journey of students from their freshmen year through graduation.

Favorite Dillard Memory:

I truly enjoyed my entire Dillard experience and couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else. But I really enjoyed sitting on the yard with a snowball listening to DJ Raj Smoove with friends who I now consider to be family!

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Mrs. Aroel Green Scott

Last Names, A-D

Hometown: Marrero, LA

Educational Background:

  • B.S. in Psychology from McNeese State University
  • M. Ed. in Educational Leadership from University of Holy Cross

Favorite Subject:  English

Why do you like working with students?

I love working with students because I love engaging with the leaders of tomorrow and gaining their perspective on the world around us. I love hearing students share their goals and aspirations and sharing knowledge with them to help them reach their full potential. Working with students allows me to continue to grow as a learner, by challenging myself to always be open and willing to grow, I can continue to share new content and information with them forever reshaping  the world as we know it and developing fresh new ideas one class and one student at a time.

Favorite Dillard Memory:

I am new to the DU family so I look forward to all the memorable moments that will be made. However, one memory that stands out so far is the amazing energy from all of the phenomenal SOAR leaders who greeted me at the door when I  walked in for the first day of SOAR, their smiles, songs and laughter is a memory that will forever be near to my heart.

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Ms. Kawana Tolliver

Last Names, E-J

Hometown: Lafayette, LA 

Educational Background:

  • Associate of General Studies – South Louisiana Community College 
  • Political Science (Public Administration) – Grambling State University 
  • Masters of Education (Student Services) – Liberty University 
  • Current Doctoral Student – PhD Educational Management (Higher Education) – Hampton University 

Favorite Subject:

  • Political Science (Women in Politics, International Relations, Black Politics etc)  
  • African American History 

Why do you like working with students?

Throughout my collegiate career, there was little to no assistance for myself. Being a first generation college student was most definitely an achievement. However, my family could only support me as much as they could. I enjoy being that person that I needed throughout my college experience for current and upcoming college students. Always pushing students to their fullest potential and ensuring that they create and maintain that exceptional growth mindset. 

Favorite Dillard Memory:

I have yet to complete a week of service here at the great DU to have a favorite memory just yet. As of now, it would have to be coming on such an amazing and welcoming team. From the first day, I have been welcomed by my team, students, and other departments. It’s evidently obvious that I made the right choice by choosing Dillard University. 

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Mrs. Myan Wright

Last Names: K-R

Hometown: New Orleans, La

Educational Background:

  • M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning- University of Holy Cross
  • B.S. in Biology- Dillard University

Favorite Subject:  Analytical Chemistry

Why do you like working with students?

Given the ever changing demands of the workforce, it is important for me to prepare students to function and engage in society at high levels. Navigating the college experience can be challenging for many students. I am committed to helping students overcome barriers and remove obstacles to ensure access and successful completion of their degree programs.

Favorite Dillard Memory:

I really enjoyed my time at Dillard. Some of my most fond memories were made with friends I now consider family, laughing and having a good time as we listened to music on Kearny Terrace.

Ms. Karlen Saloy

Last Names S-Z

Hometown: New Orleans La

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree: Public Administration;
  • Management. Southern University at New Orleans
Favorite subject: Math
Why do you like working with students? 

I’ve always wanted to be a part of shaping our future and the best way is through our youth.

Favorite Dillard Memory:

Celebrating my big brother’s graduation on the beautiful oaks in 2008.