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English goes beyond the text of literature. It studies how language is shaped by history, psychology and culture. With the award-winning Dillard English faculty, learn to articulate your research and gain writing skills that will sustain you throughout your career. Dillard English's extensive training in writing, coupled with critical reading skills, will help you secure a seat at any table.


Picture yourself walking in the footsteps of distinguished Dillard alumni such as Pulitzer Prize winner Jericho Brown as well as others with rewarding careers in academia, government, media, entertainment and business.

Jericho Brown



"Dillard is where I first took creative writing workshops as classes toward my major, and it’s where I first began to envision a life for myself as a writer.”


Jericho Brown '98

Pulitzer Prize winning poet and director of the Emory University Creative Writing Program


Dillard University English Requirements & Coursework

Requirements & Coursework

Courses, credits and criteria needed to complete the Bachelor of Arts program

Dillard University English Major Programs

English Program Organizations

Programs, student organizations and events designed to help you apply what you have learned in the classroom

Dillard English Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

English program instructors and support staff to help build critical thinking and analytical skills


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Located in the College of Arts and Sciences, Dillard's academic programs focused on culture and society


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