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Office of Communications & Marketing


Our professional videography services are committed to encapsulating the spirit of our institution. Whether it’s a single video,  or a comprehensive shoot, we’re dedicated to narrating the narratives that define Dillard’s uniqueness. Our services cater to the entire campus community, delivering high-quality videos and images of faculty, students, and significant events. We prioritize bolstering our marketing and branding objectives, university enrollment, recruitment endeavors, and fostering retention and community engagement.

Videography Services Guidelines

Our aim at the Office of Communications and Marketing is to capture subjects in their best light while meeting deadlines. Therefore, we reserve the right to select images for publication. To ensure an efficient process enhancing subjects’ marketability, please adhere to the following:

  • After a videographer has captured footage, a selection of recommended options will be shared with the subject.
  • Subjects have 24 hours to choose their top 5 to 10 images, with selecting more than one photo strongly recommended.
  • Requests that unnecessarily prolong the editing process won’t be honored, as our focus is on marketing Dillard University as a whole.

Videography of student groups is arranged at the discretion of our office, typically as part of student organization group activities. Requests should be managed by the group’s faculty/staff advisor, who is required to be present for scheduled sessions. We reserve the right to deny student groups’ and students’ videography requests.

All video content produced by our office is the property of Dillard University, and we reserve the right to utilize group or individual video at our discretion. Video of individual student group members will be distributed at the discretion of the group’s advisor.

Please note that our photographers and videographers respect the wishes of students and employees who do not wish to be on video or in photography. We review the goals and scripts of proposed videos and all Dillard marketing and promotional photography. Rough cuts of videos should be reviewed before final approval.

We collaborate with on- and off-campus video production resources to produce promotional and informational videos for external viewing. When appropriate, we refer members of the Dillard community to outside vendors for video production. All approved University video productions must use University marks and graphic standards.

Requests from outside movie or video production companies to film on University property must be referred to the Office of Communications and Marketing or the Office of Auxiliary Services for consideration and approval.

Please be aware that the use of copyrighted music in any University video is prohibited. We provide access to an extensive production music library and can assist with sourcing royalty-free music online. Contact the Office of Communications and Marketing for assistance.

For more information, contact Geralyn Love in the Office of Communications and Marketing at

Dillard University Videographer 

Communications Specialist, Graphic Design and Publications
(504) 816-4564

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Videography Services Update Request

Complete the form below and provide as many details as you can. The OCM videography team will notify you by email when your request has been received along with the timeline to expect your update. ALLOW 2 WEEKS MINIMUM FOR UPDATES. (PLEASE, NO LAST-MINUTE REQUESTS.)  Some requests require more time. For upcoming events, please include the event name, date, time, location along with a description of the event. THIS FORM IS FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY.

Please allow 2 weeks for your request to be completed. We will reach out regarding updates.