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Policies & Procedures - ITT

The Office of Information Technology and Telecommunications welcome you to Dillard’s Open Computer Labs. Our mission is to provide the end user with computing resources, hardware, software and a capable staff to help users excel in their academic pursuits.

Policies and Procedures

Laboratory Use Policies

Lab Access

  • Users must have a Dillard University assigned user account to gain access to the computers in the open labs. (Limited access is provided to official University visitors with advanced notice).
  • All students, faculty and staff are required to present proper identification when using facilities.

Lab Usage

  • Users are responsible for saving their documents on their own storage devices.
  • Saving documents or files to the system hard drive is not allowed. Files saved to the desktop or hard drive will be lost when the computers are logged off or restarted.
  • When listening to audio on lab computers user supplied headphones are to be used.
  • Downloading or installing programs on the hard drives is strictly prohibited.
  • Recreational computer use is prohibited during the weeks of mid-terms and final examinations.
  • Please inform lab assistants of any hardware/software difficulties. Do not attempt to correct these problems yourself.
Dillard University Academics


  • In the event of an emergency, please exit the labs as quickly as possible.


  • Lab personnel are not responsible for lost items. Users may check with lab personnel for items that may have been turned into the office or found.
  • Dillard University is not responsible for lost data; however, we will make every effort to assist users in the retrieval process.

Conduct in Lab

  • No food, drink or pets are permitted in labs under any circumstances.
  • Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in University computer labs.
  • The labs are academic study areas and noise must be kept to a minimum.
  • Users in noncompliance of rules will be asked to leave.
  • Dillard University police will be called if a user refuses to abide by University regulations.
  • Any user removed from the lab may discuss his/her case with lab management.
  • Obvious disregard of listed policies can result in loss of user privileges.