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Meet the Dean

Sharon W. Hutchinson, Ph.D., MN, RN, CNE

The current state of healthcare and societal challenges places nurses at the forefront for making a difference in the lives of individuals who seek healthcare. Nursing continues to be a highly respected profession known for knowledgeable evidenced-based, compassionate care. Whether it is the frontlines of a pandemic, at the bedside of those with chronic illness, celebrating the birth of a new life or comforting those in need of support. We are there because we care. We are the change agents necessary for improved client healthcare outcomes.

Dillard University nursing dean

Established in 1942, Dillard has a legacy of caring like none other. As a part of the legacy you have options. You can join the Dillard legacy earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or you can join us as a graduate student and earn your Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or come for your BSN and stay for your MSN.  Either way you will well prepared and credentialed faculty, receive Alumni support and mentoring, and the Dillard University family will embrace you. Dillard University College of Nursing will prepare you to become the nurse leaders and change agent that improves healthcare outcomes for diverse healthcare clients., nursing practice, and nursing education.

We have prepared an engaging curriculum that will stimulate your thought processes and challenge you to be the best. You will use the best evidence to collaborate with the client and healthcare team to produce the best outcomes.

Come join us. Be a part of the Dillard legacy and become a Dillard Nurse.

Dean and Professor
Gloria Kabacoff Endowed Professor in Teaching and Informatics