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Student Nursing Achievement Data


2023 Annual NCLEX-RN Pass Rate

(Louisiana State Board of Nursing, 2023)


2023 Annual Program Completion Rate


2023 Annual Program Employment Rate

**Cumulative % of graduates employed within 6 months of graduation, includes graduates who passed the NCLEX-RN on the first or second attempt.

nursing pinning ceremony


The mission of Dillard University College of Nursing is to prepare caring, courageous future nurse leaders who are ethical , critical thinkers that communicate effectively and therapeutically respecting the diversity of peoples in all health care settings to improve the human condition.


End of Program Student Learning Outcomes (EPSLOs)

Upon completion of the nursing program of studies, the graduate will

  1. Communicate effectively using various forms of media inclusive of technology to foster therapeutic interpersonal and collaborative relationships in a culturally diverse society.
  2. Synthesize complex information in the process of intellectual inquiry, using critical thinking skills to arrive at well-reasoned evidenced-base conclusions.
  3. Demonstrate effective leadership skills in the management and nursing care of patients or consumers of health incorporating professional accountability and interprofessional collaboration.
  4. Utilize ethical, legal, moral, spiritual, and societal values in professional nursing practice.
  5. Initiate efforts with other health care providers and consumers to improve the quality of healthcare for a culturally diverse society.
  6. Expand professional development through nursing enrichment activities.
  7. Engage in research and scholarly pursuits at the level of educational preparation.
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